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Odion Ishtar, also known as Rishid, is a redeemed antagonist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. He is the adoptive older brother of Marik and Ishizu Ishtar.


Odion has dark skin, green eyes, is mostly bald save for a ponytail, and has a form of the Tomb Keeper's mark tattooed onto his face. His primary outfit consist of 2 gold earrings that resemble ankhs, and the typical dark purple rare hunter robe with the Eye of Anubis on the hood though he removes the overcoat part of the robe after his defeat to Joey.


Odion's Original parents fate was unknown when Odion was at the doorstep of the Ishtars when he was just an infant with Mr. and Mrs. Ishtar taking him in as if he were their son. However Mr. Ishtar wished for a son of his own to pass his legacy to, and soon after Mrs. Ishtar gave birth to Ishizu and years later dies after giving birth to a son, Marik, with her last dying words to Odion being to watch over his siblings and protect them. After Marik is giving the Tomb Keeper's initiation Odion, unable to be given the initiation, does it himself to show his loyalty for Marik. One night Ishizu and Marik made plans to go outside for a short while, which had been strictly forbidden by their father, with Odion acting as a decoy by staying in their beds. However after receiving a message from Shadi Shin Ishizu and Marik return back only for Ishizu to noticed they had tripped an alarm as they rush back to find Odion missing from the room. They stumble upon Mr. Ishtar weakening Odion and prepares to banish him from their home only for Marik, who falls under the control of his dark side, Dark Marik, to take the Millennium Rod and banish Mr. Ishtar into the Shadow Realm (in the Japanese version he tortures and murders him instead) before Odion suppresses the darkness. Odion, still honoring his adoptive mother's final wish, stays by Marik's side as he forms the Rare Hunters, with Odion becoming his second in command. Throughout Battle City Odion follows Marik's orders, even posing as him in the finals, however during Odion's duel with Joey Wheeler, Odion is struck by lighting when he uses a fake version of The Winged Dragon of Ra, and reveals Marik, and warns them about Dark Marik as he takes control of Marik's body. Odion spends most of the remaining Battle City finals unconscious only to be awakened during the final duel of the tournament by the weakening spirit of Marik who apologizes to Odion for the way he has treated him and thanks him for always remaining by his side. Odion, though still extremely weak makes it to the tower where Yami Yugi and Dark Marik are dueling and calls out to Marik who is able to awaken and regain control of his body and surrender the duel, destroying his dark half and returns to Egypt with Marik and Ishizu. Odion, Marik, and Ishizu later meet with Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, and Téa Gardner in Egypt to guide them to the tomb of Pharaoh Atem, and later witness the ceremonial duel between Yugi and Atem.


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