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Okay, People move along. There's nothing to see here!
~ Officer Barbrady's catchphrase

Officer Barbrady is a former police officer of South Park And is a complete idiot. And they that say Sergeant Harrison Yates is a lot better police officer than him. He has a bad vocabulary. He is extremely incompetent at his job, usually being incapable of solving the crimes in South Park and both he, Sergeant Harrison Yates and Mitch Murphy always keeps an eye on the Boys especially Eric Cartman. He is legally obliged to investigate. Despite this, he actually does maintain the balance of peace in South Park as shown in "Chickenlover" episode when shortly after he retired the city fell into chaos. In episode "Naughty Ninjas", He got fired by Mayor McDaniels because he was shout the child, and later he got a new job instead of police officer.


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