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You don't need to thank me, Princess. I'm just doing my job. Speaking of which, your father would flay me if you came to any harm. Do me a favor, and leave the dangerous fighting to me and my men.
~ Ogma to Caeda

Ogma is a supporting protagonist of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, and their respective remakes Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. In addition, another incarnation tests the protagonists of the Fire Emblem/Megami Tensei crossover Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

In Japanese, Ogma is voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi. In English, he is voiced by Travis Willingham (who also voices Lon'qu, as well as Brady in Fire Emblem Awakening) in games and Rob Mungle in the Fire Emblem OVA.


Ogma is a tanned muscular man with visible scars and a blond mullet. In Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, he wears a brown chestplate and matching pants. In Mystery of The Emblem Ogma wears blue upper armor with spiked shoulder pads, dark green pants, and blue armored boots. From Shadow Dragon onwards, Ogma once again wears a brown chestplate, but retains green pants and dons brown boots.

As a Mirage, Ogma has long blue hair and skin, as well as angelic wings. His face is obscured by a birdlike mask, and he wears a blue coat with a light blue cape and armored shoulder pads.


Ogma is intensely loyal to Princess Caeda of Talys, as she rescued him from brutal torture and a bleak future in the Knorda arena. His primary motivation is to shield her from harm as she once did, and when he becomes the bodyguard of her lover Prince Marth, he does so at her request. Ogma's cruel past left him with a thirst for combat and bloodshed. In spite of his bloodlust, Ogma also a strong and compassionate leader to his men, which earned him the respect of his subordinates Barst, Bord, and Cord.



Ogma was born in the island kingdom of Pyrathi to a nobleman from the Holy Kingdom of Archanea and a Grustian woman. When a political uprising broke out in the Archanean capitol of Pales, Ogma's father was among the noblemen executed, throwing Ogma and his mother into a life of poverty. While trying to survive in the streets, the two were accosted by slavers; Ogma's mother valiantly tried to protect her son, but was killed in the process. Eventually, young Ogma was sold to the owners of Knorda's arena, forced to fight as a gladiator. Day after day of killing for his life and the pleasure of onlookers hardened Ogma into a vicious fighter with a bloodthirsty streak. However, in between battles Ogma conspired with his fellow gladiators to escape the arena, and on the day of the breakout, distracted the guards. Unfortunately, this prevented him from fleeing with the others, and he was punished with brutal flogging. In the midst of this torture, young Caeda chanced upon the scene and immediately threw herself upon his back, sparing him from further beatings. She then bought Ogma's freedom and recruited him into the Talys army, where he rose to become one of King Mostyn's finest soldiers.

War of Shadows

When the Dolhr Empire began a brutal conquest of Archanea, King Cornelius of Altea took to the battlefield with the bulk of his country's army. His son Prince Marth remained at Altea Castle with his wife Queen Liza and daughter Princess Elice, the three protected by a garrison from the allied kingdom of Gra. However, Gra betrayed Altea, and the garrison promptly secured its castle for Dolhr. Marth was able to escape with his tactician Malledus and a squad of devoted Altean knights. Together, the group fled to Talys, where Mostyn granted them a home in the island's Eastern fortress. Two years later, pirates who previously conquered Galder Harbor besieged Talys. Caeda, having grown into a formidable Pegasus Knight, alerted Marth and his retinue to the raid, and assisted them in battle against the pirates. After Marth successfully routed the enemy Mostyn advised him to finally take arms against Dolhr. Caeda promptly joined her lover in his quest; Mostyn granted her his blessing, but sent Ogma, Barst, Bord, and Cord with her as bodyguards.

Upon reaching the mainland, Ogma and his subordinates assisted Marth's army in counterattacking Galder, freeing the once peaceful port town from Gomer's tyranny. As Marth began his mission to free Archanea from the clutches of Dolhr, Ogma guarded him every step of the way. After a long campaign across the continent, Marth's army stormed Dolhr itself, where Marth slew its emperor, the Earth Dragon Medeus. Ogma promptly returned to Mostyn's side in Talys, while Caeda accepted Marth's marriage proposal. While most of Talys rejoiced at the two's engagement, local clans seized the opportunity to revolt, and when Caeda arrived in her homeland to visit her father, she and her bodyguard Norne were caught in the fighting. Ogma, Bord and Cord immediately mobilized to rescue them, but midway through the battle were ambushed by Navarre, who allied with the clans to settle a score with Ogma. The two prepared to duel, but Caeda and Norne fought their way through the fray, and the former persuaded him to fight with her instead. When all hostile fighters were routed, Caeda tearfully expressed her goodbyes to Ogma, and the usually taciturn man tenderly expressed his gratitude for all she had done before bidding her happiness as Marth's fiancé.

War of Heroes

One year following the War of Shadows, Ogma visited Altea castle to help train the next generation of the country's knights. As the trials persisted, hundreds of recruits dwindled to 20. Some of the remainder included the 7th Platoon, which consisted of Kris, Katarina, Luke, Roderick, and Ryan. During this later stage of recruitment, Ogma potentially tested the 7th Platoon with a mock battle, but was defeated with the help of a new recruit named Cecil and steel-grade weapons procured by Katarina. Impressed with the platoon's skill, Ogma offered his services for their final trial. They emerged victorious and received their final score, which varied based on their performance in each mock battle. Regardless of the exact score, the platoon did well enough to graduate to full knighthood. However, on the day of the 7th Platoon's graduation ceremony, an unknown number of assailants besieged Altea castle. It was then that Katarina revealed her true name was Reese, and that she was an assassin sent to kill Marth. If Ogma decided to help the 7th Platoon, he was present to help fend off Reese's attack, saving Marth's life.

After the thwarted attack on Marth's life, Ogma returned to Talys, where he faithfully served Mostyn until the king was contacted by General Lorenz of Grust. Following the end of the War of Shadows, Grust's elderly King Ludwick passed on, leaving the country in the hands of his children Jubelo and Yuliya. As both heirs were too young to rule, Lorenz intended to serve as the nation's regent. However, Grust was occupied by the restyled Holy Empire of Archanea, and General Lang was appointed to administer the nation instead. Lang's reign proved to be a cruel one, causing Lorenz to instigate a rebellion. Mostyn responded by sending Ogma, but when he reached Lorenz's fortress, he found the general gravely wounded from his skirmishes against the Archanean occupiers. Lorenz requested that Ogma escort Grust's heirs to Bishop Wendell of Macedon, but Yuliya refused to leave his side. Lorenz relented, and Ogma left to avenge him, promising to aid the children in the future.

Meanwhile, Archanea's Emperor Hardin entreated Marth to help suppress Lorenz's uprising. As Archanea was a much more power country than Altea, Marth could not disobey this command, so he assembled many of his best knights to settle the crisis. In Grust, Marth quickly grew to dislike of Lang's cruel nature, and upon meeting with Lorenz, learned of both the Archaean Empire's tyrannical treatment of the region, and their threat to Jubello and Yuliya. Finally succumbing to his wounds, Lorenz perished in front of Marth, his last words warning of Hardin's corruption. Lang took the two heirs into his custody and ordered Marth to stop a coup in Macedon. However, Ogma seized his opportunity and attacked Lang's stronghold, Olstern Keep. He successfully rescued Yubello and Juliya, but on the way to Macedon, the three were attacked by pirates. Though initially outnumbered, Ogma and Grust's heirs were saved by a mysterious knight calling himself Sirius as well as Marth, the latter having had enough of Lang's insolence. Together they routed all pirates, but were immediately intercepted by Caeda, who stated that the Archanean Empire launched a surprise attack on Altea, beginning the War of Heroes.

Deciding to liberate the Grustian people, Marth's army marched on Ostern Keep. Along the way, Ogma potentially encountered Barst, who retired from life as a mercenary and had since settled down as a woodcutter. Grateful for all the times Ogma saved him during past missions, Barst accepted Ogma's request to assist Marth. Anticipating Marth's assault, Lang prepared many defenses, among them a mercenary he believed to be Navarre, who he ordered to ambush his enemies when they opened a specific door. Ogma potentially prepared settle his grudge with "Navarre" yet again, but realized that the man was the look-alike Samuel, one of Ogma's fellow Knorda gladiators who escaped thanks to him. Determined to return the favor, Samuel defected to Marth's side. After assisting Marth with Lang's defeat, Ogma followed Marth through the rest of the War of Heroes, which concluded when Marth slew a resurrected Medeus. What became of Ogma in the aftermath is unknown to history.

Other Media

Fire Emblem Awakening

An Einherjar of Ogma is available as a bonus ally to the Shepherds through SpotPass. Another Ogma belonging to a group of Archanean Einherjar appears in the second and third Lost Bloodlines xenologues. In the second chapter he opposes the Shepherds, believing enemy Jugdral Einherjar summoned them as allies, while in the third chapter he fights them as they seal all Archanean, Valentian, and Jugdral Einherjar into the cards they were summoned from.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Ogma is a playable character who was available to summon on the game's official launch. His appearance is based on his design from Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem. A summer variant of Ogma titled "Blade on Leave" will be released on July 7, 2021.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

With the world threatened by a performance of the Opera of Darkness, Mirage Tiki tells Fortuna Entertainment of an Opera of Light that can counter it. To obtain the right to perform this opera, Tiki constructs an Idolasphere based on her memories of the Archanea all Mirages originally came from. Inside Tiki's Idolaphere, Fortuna members needed to gain the support of relevant Mirages to play their parts in the Opera of Light by defeating them in various trials. Mirage Ogma battled Fortuna along with Mirage Palla and Mirage Jagen in the second trial; after all three were defeated, they blessed Fortuna with the right to portray them.

Fire Emblem OVA

Ogma is a major supporting character in the two episodes of the Fire Emblem OVA, which adapts the first three chapters and some backstory of Mystery of the Emblem. As the English dub of the OVA predated the Western release of any Fire Emblem media, Ogma's name was Romanized as Oguma. He first appeared alongside Barst, Bord, and Cord when Galder pirates stormed Talys. Ogma saved Marth and Caeda (referred to in the OVA as Mars and Sheda respectively) from the raiding leader Gazzak and defeated him. Upon saving Talys from the brigands Ogma and his subordinates joined Marth on his campaign to free Dolhr. As Marth's army stepped foot in Galder Harbor, Ogma remembered the day Caeda freed him from his servitude as a gladiator.

While traveling through the Soothsire Mountains, Marth's army encountered a wounded thief named Julian, who begged them to rescue the cleric Lena from his former cronies, the Soothsire bandits. While fighting the brigands in their lair, Ogma encountered his old rival Navarre. The two came to blows, but were interrupted by Caeda, who argued with Navarre about the honor of fighting, which intrigued Navarre enough to convince him to join Marth's army.


Don't think of this as simply training. Come at me without restraint!
~ Ogma battling the 7th platoon
...Not bad. That's quite some skill you've got.
~ Ogma when defeated by the 7th Platoon
That of a gladiator... One who fights to the death for the pleasure of others. Blinding his opponents' eyes with sand, crushing their heads with a sword soaked in grease and blood... Roaring like a beast, crushing his opponents' flesh even when they move no longer... I was thrown into a place like that when I was still a kid, and battled my way through it.
~ Ogma explaining both his fighting techniques and past to Kris


  • In addition to Ogma, Lon'qu, and Brady in Fire Emblem Awakening, Travis Willingham also voices Fire Emblem villains Camus and Hans, as well as Garon in Fire Emblem Fates.

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