He is precise, Supreme Luminor. The old prophecy was finally fulfilled: the Eye of Life returned to Gorm, bringing Neozon's new energy. Now your power has become disproportionate and you do not need me anymore. For me, it's time to leave ... but I will not leave you helpless against evil. Now you have great power to share with your people. Release Neozon energy! They will also participate in the final evolution.
~ The Old Sage

The Old Sage is the Greater Scope Paragon of the Italian toy series Gormiti. He is a human magician who is actually the creator of Good Gormiti (the Earth Tribe, the Forest Tribe, the Sea Tribe, the Air Tribe and the Light Tribe).


The Old Sage is a wise and caring man, respecting the wisdom and the nature on the island of Gorm, in spite of the cause of Magor, Old Sage restored the Island with the elements of the nature, the Earth, the Forest, the Sea and the Air and thus creating the Gormiti, whose only purpose is to save Gorm from Magor's hold.


Despite being human, the Old Sage has a beard, a long white and gray wizard's robe with a hood, and a magic staff with the ability to spell magic.


The Old Sage has a magic staff that can cast spells, he has the ability to communicate with the elements of nature such as the Earth, the Forest, the Seas and the Air.


  • The Old Sage is the only character not to be a Gormiti, but a Human.


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