Oliver is one of the main protagonists of the Disney XD series Mighty Med and Lab Rats: Elite Force. While Kaz is the “accelerator,” Oliver is the “brake.” He's a bit superstitious and cautious, but will take risks when needed.

He is portrayed by Jake Short.


Oliver is smart guy, who always thinks before he does anything that may be dangerous. Unlike Kaz, Oliver will give things a second thought, and is more worried. When Oliver started working at Mighty Med, he instantly impressed Horace who landed him a job at Mighty Med. He and Kaz came in a package since they are best friends, and Oliver also made Horace give Kaz a job at Mighty Med. Oliver is more responsible than Kaz, and usually get him out of trouble and sometimes gets mad when Kaz 'kazzes around'. Sometimes Oliver is forced into doing things by Kaz in the past, but sometimes can also be given good advice by him at times.

Oliver's favorite superhero is Skylar Storm and is also his crush. In the pilot episode, Saving the People Who Save People, Oliver says that he wish that she could see how big his heart is and was embarrassed when Kaz told Skylar that he was apparently making out with the cardboard cutout of her back in the comic book shop, the Domain.

In the episode I Normo, Oliver does not like the way that Kaz was treating Skylar. He seems more protective about Skylar than Kaz, and panics that he didn't look after her and says that he's a terrible friend. He then feels better after Skylar kisses him on the cheek.When Oliver sees danger, he snaps into action, which is why he saved his neighbor Stefanie's dog. He can sometimes annoy Kaz when he gets what Kaz wants and what Oliver doesn't really care about. He also enjoys playing pranks, just like Kaz. 


Mighty Med

Oliver (along with Kaz) was a normo employee at the Mighty Med Hospital. Kaz and Oliver have been best friends since preschool, and they're always there for each other. Their friendship always comes first. While Kaz is the “accelerator,” Oliver is the “brake.” He's a bit superstitious and cautious, but will take risks when it is needed. Oliver, along with Kaz, fought many powerful foes, one of them being The Annihilator, an evil mutant who turned Skylar evil. Afterwards, he had to face against Mr. Terror, none other than his mother Bridget, who became a ruthless villain seeking absolute power in a bid to rule the world. In a failed attempt to stop his mother, Oliver (along with Kaz) gained superpowers after absorbing the Arcturion's energy. With their new superpowers, he and Kaz defeated Bridget, only to find that while they were gone, Mighty Med got destroyed.

Lab Rats: Elite Force

After Mighty Med was destroyed, Oliver, along with Kaz and Skylar went to Davenport to help them track the villains and to form an Elite Force with Chase and Bree involving bionics and superpowers now that he and Kaz have new found powers.


Oliver is a smart guy, who always thinks before he does anything that may be dangerous. Unlike Kaz, Oliver will give things a second thought, and worries a lot more about things. Oliver is more responsible than Kaz, and usually gets him out of trouble, and sometimes gets mad when Kaz 'kazzes around'. Sometimes Oliver is forced into doing things by Kaz in the past, but sometimes can also be given good advice by him at times.

Oliver is optimistic, and often thinks the best of situations and people. However, he's smart enough to realize when things are going wrong. Oliver is also caring, and often feels a compulsive need to do the right thing.

Oliver also has a massive crush on Skylar since Mighty Med, however, he is completely open about it now, but at the cost of his own self-restraint. It is implied that Skylar feels the same way. His feelings for Skylar end up clouding his judgement and causing him to sometimes make reckless decisions, much in the Mighty Med episode The Claw Prank Redemption.

Powers & Abilities

  • Flight: In the Mighty Med episode The Mother of All Villains, Oliver, along with Kaz, absorbed power from the Arcturion and obtained the superpower of flight. He still needs to control his landings, as he generally simply falls from the air, alongside his take-offs, as he has to fall from the sky in order to begin flying, rather that propelling himself of the ground by jumping. However in The Intruder he was shown to be able to fly back up and land on his feet (with a slight stumble) after jumping/falling over the ledge to save his phone, and in They Grow Up So Fast he was able to take off without falling, showing growth. He can reach incredible speeds when flying, demonstrating being able to exceed Bree's maximum speed (clocked at 72,000 miles per hour) in The Rock.
  • Super Strength: Despite his thin physique, Oliver possess superhuman strength, enough to rip steel bars off their hinges. He is strong enough to lift Donald and Tasha Davenport with ease and can effortlessly hold 1000 pounds of weight above his head. However, he does not know his own strength because he keeps breaking dishes.
  • Hydrokinesis: Oliver states that he has water powers. This is shown in Power Play when Oliver shoots water at Chase and Skylar.
    • Waterspout Generation: He demonstrated a new ability that allows him to create water vortexes from his fingers. They can be used to blow people away. It is shown sometimes that Oliver loses control and the vortexes grow bigger and more powerful. Oliver calls it "Cyclone Fingers." When he loses control of it, Kaz calls it "Irresponsible Wind of Doom."
  • Cryokinesis: Oliver can generate ice from his hands to freeze his enemies, possibly a sub ability of his Hydrokinesis. Sometimes, if he gets stressed, this power does not work and he can only make ice cubes. It appears Oliver can control the temperature of the ice as he managed to just freeze liquid into a Popsicle. This power has also been shown to malfunction as Oliver has accidentally shot ice and froze Bree's feet to the floor.
  • Super Durability: He has shown to just be barely injured by powerful forces that would have done more damage to him as a Normo.(He can't resist cold temperatures because in the episode They Grow Up So Fast he mentioned he used his blanket when he got chilly.)
  • Two Simultaneous Abilities: He has been shown to be able to use his Super Strength to carry people while he flies. Unlike Chase however, this doesn't seem to put stress on his nervous system and it doesn't cause him to pass out.

Temporary Powers

  • Embryonic Sac: While fused to Arachnia's embryonic sac, Oliver was temporarily empowered with amplified physical attributes.
    • Enhanced Strength: Oliver had greater strength than usual.
    • Enhanced Agility: Oliver was more agile, enough to take on Hunter Bounty, the bounty hunter. He was able to perform acrobatic feats, which is something he's not normally capable of doing.


  • Advanced Comic Book Knowledge: He knows as much, and possibly more than Kaz about comic books, including superheroes, villains, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Him and Kaz would make diversions to help the superheroes in battles against the villains. His knowledge also compliments his medical training.
  • Advanced Medical Skills and Knowledge: he has an advanced skill and knowledge in the medical field, which, tied with his comic book knowledge and expertise, helps him at work. As his father is a workaholic brain trauma researcher, that is probably the source of his medical knowledge.
  • Genius Level Intellect: While not superhumanly intelligent like Chase, Oliver is undeniably a genius, having incredible knowledge in various fields. As such, he is the second-smartest in the team. He is able to understand even superhero science, which allows him to find solutions to cure superheroes as well as create new medicines. Oliver is also skilled with technology. It was stated that he has never gotten a B in a single class. Unlike Chase however, Oliver is more observant and perceptive, as he was able to notice important details faster than Chase.
  • Mighty Med Training: As a former doctor at Mighty Med, Oliver has training in how to treat Superheroes and understands Superhero medicine. His Mighty Med training also comes in handy for the Elite Force, when he and Kaz manage to use it to revive Crossbow.
  • Extreme Stacking Skills: In the episode Follow the Leader he and Oliver made a game called "Topple the Tower". Bree commented how silly it was but later on when Perry,Skylar and Chase get trapped behind a wall of debris it's up to him and Oliver to get them out.
  • Skilled Dancer: In the episode, Less Than Hero, Oliver is shown to be a skilled dancer, his experience from the game "Dance, Dance, Superhero" though he's not at the same level as Skylar. Nonetheless, he was able to use these skills against The Ambusher. He gained these skills from his experience in dance tournaments.
    • Agility: This shown in the Mighty Med episode, Less Than Hero. His dance skills from the video game "Dance, Dance, Superhero" were used to move fast and fluently to take down The Ambusher, which made him very effective in the fight.


Oliver, Kaz, and Skylar have used various of Mighty Med Equipment, superhero and supervillain objects, and use a lot of his own weapons. In Elite force he pick up some Davenport equipment.

  • MM200 communicates- They let the doctors in Mighty Med call Kaz or Oliver when they needs them. First Seen in Saving People who Save People.
  • Breathing suit: Seen in Sm’oliver’s Travels. This a suit use to breath in place with no oxygen. The scarf can use to steal other weapons
  • Super Wristband: It can transform your hand into a jackhammer in All that Kaz
  • Laser gun: In Alan's Region of Terror Oliver used it against the Security Drones. He use to shoot lasers and he has great aim using it, being able to shoot a moving laser sphere behind him without looking.
  • Night Vision Goggles: In The Friend of My Friend Is My Enemy, Kaz, Skylar, and Oliver use to see in the dark when fighting Experion.
  • Ball of Disintegration-it can shoot laser out of it. Wallace and Clyde gave it to him.
  • Glove of Magnetic: Oliver use it to attack and attract metal like the 2-D Gun
  • 2-D Gun: He has a gun that turns things 2-D.
  • Wormhole Transporter: Along with Kaz, Oliver took a wormhole transporter from Mighty Med that allows him to travel to other places in the universe, or travel back and forth in time.
  • Atmospheric Regulator Patches: Along with the Wormhole Transporter it help him to survive place that has extreme climates


  • Skylar Storm: Oliver's biggest weakness is his feelings for Skylar Storm. When she turned evil, his feelings for her held him back to the point where he was unwilling to harm her despite the fact that she tried to murder him and Kaz. In addition, Gulliver produced a mirage of Skylar just to toy with Oliver's feelings for her, leading him to remark "That was really mean."
  • Needles: Oliver is deathly afraid of needles, even sewing needles, as it was revealed in the Mighty Med episode Evil Gus. Ultimately, it was his phobia for needles that cost him his one opportunity to restore Skylar's powers, and he almost passed out when he saw the serum was going to be injected with a big needle.
  • Instability: Oliver can't control his powers very well, causing his powers to mess up, or not work at all. Like Leo's laser spheres when he gets excited, his ice powers can spiral out of control. Much like Adam, his super strength is unintentionally accessed (mostly while he's unaware or oblivious) such as when he accidentally broke the dishes while washing the dishes.
  • Insecurity: Oliver can be extremely insecure about people besting him at things, especially Kaz. This can directly relate to his instability.
  • Crash Landings: Oliver still needs to work on his landings because he generally falls from the sky after flight.


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