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~ Arrow’s catchphrase, including right before he murders his victims.
~ Prometheus has Oliver reveal his true motivation for killing.
This island taught me to survive. It turned me into someone else. Somebody better than the person I was before. So, despite my feelings, there are no stories about the Green Arrow to tell if I don't make my way to Lian Yu.
~ Oliver to Mia Smoak.
Dying's the easy part. The dead are at peace, but the real heroes are the ones who have to keep going.
~ Oliver Queen to Barry Allen

Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen, also known as The Hood, The Arrow, Green Arrow and The Spectre, was the overall protagonist of the Pre-Crisis Saga of the Arrowverse and the titular main protagonist of the 2012 CW series, Arrow.

Despite being the protagonist though, Oliver has repeatedly resorted to incredibly vicious, brutal and murderous methods throughout his career, making him a far darker and more ethically sketchy protagonist than any of the other ones in the Arrowverse shows, though subsequent seasons did try to amend this by having him temper his violence. However, such attempts are never complete or lasting, as Oliver, again and again, returns to a more extreme approach to crime-fighting. He eventually sacrificed himself while fighting the Anti-Monitor and creating a new Earth called Earth-Prime.

He is portrayed by Stephen Amell and Jacob Hoppenbrouwer young. Amell also played Black Arrow in the series, and Casey Jones.


Oliver is a billionaire playboy more interested in girls, drinking and partying than doing anything with his life until becoming stranded on a (supposedly) deserted island for five years, during which he became a hardened killer. Oliver returned to Starling City and began a crusade to save the city as a vigilante, drawing in several allies to his cause.


Early Life

Oliver Jonas Queen was born on May 16, 1985 in Starling City to the wealthy Robert Queen and Moira Dearden, and later became the older brother to his younger sister, Thea. During his childhood, Oliver befriended Tommy Merlyn and Laurel Lance, who became two his best friends, and was close to his sister, whom he nicknamed "Speedy".

Once entering his late teens to early twenties, Oliver became infamous for sleeping with multiple women and being a center of scandals by himself or with Tommy. He also dropped out of four Ivy League schools, but remembered reading "The Odyssey" in college, stating it was only book he bothered to read. Around this time, Oliver and Tommy became acquainted with McKenna Hall and later met and befriended Laurel's sister, Sara. Despite Oliver's toxic life, he worked with his father in engineering, and was taught how to fly a plane by Robert.

In 2004, Oliver indirectly ran into Simon Morrison, as Queen had successfully stole Simon's girlfriend, but he would forget this. Around 2005, Oliver and Laurel began a relationship and fell in love, but Laurel's father, Quentin, disapproved of it. Despite this, Oliver enjoyed spending time with Laurel and her family, and held Quentin in high regard, wanting to earn his approval. During this time, Laurel suggested that she and Oliver move into a home, but Oliver had doubts about the decision, and began cheating on her in an effort to break out of the commitment.

During his adultery, Oliver slept with Laurel's college classmate Samantha Clayton, and accidently got her pregnant. Oliver shared the news with his mother, who stepped in and paid off Samantha raise the child in Central City, and lied to Oliver that she miscarried their child. Oliver was relieved yet saddened about this, and thanked his mother for being there for him. Afterwards, Oliver continued to sleep with other women, and slept with Sara, who had a crush on him, and invited her to join him on his father's three-week trip on the Queen's Gambit. Before leaving, Laurel visited him to say goodbye, and gave Oliver a photograph of herself for when he got lonely overseas.

Lian Yu

The island held many dangers. To live, I had to make myself more than what I was, to forge myself into a weapon.
~ Oliver Queen on the island.

The Queen's Gambit was sabotaged and began to sank, and Oliver, his father and Dave Hackett were the only survivors, as Oliver saw Sara be swooped away by the water. The three survived on the raft for three days, but Robert realized that only one person would survived, and killed Dave and himself before telling his son to right his wrongs and be better than him.

Oliver washed ashore on the island of Lian Yu, and was later captured by Yao Fei, who helped him survive and taught him how two use a bow and arrow. While hunting with Fei one day, Oliver was captured by Edward Fryers and his men, and was tortured for information he had on Yao. Fei rescued Oliver and sealed him in a cave, telling him to survive as he distracted Fryers' men from him. While in the cave, Oliver thought of committing suicide, but after experiencing a hallucination of his father and seeing names in book his father gave him, decided not to.

Fei returned and brought him a captured Fryers, and told Queen that Fryers had a plane that could take them off the island. However, the two were ambushed by Wintergreen Fryers' men, and Fei told Oliver to run before being captured. Oliver later succeeded in evading and fought off one of Fryers' men, and donned his uniform to rescue Fei. Oliver was captured by Fryers, and Fei revealed that he was working with Fryers, and faked Oliver's death so that he could escape. Before Oliver could get to the plane that was marked on a map, he was ambushed by Slade Wilson, who let him go when Oliver revealed that Fei sent him.

Oliver and Slade worked together, and was trained by Slade and Fei's daughter, Shado, so that they could defeat Fryers. Oliver succeeded in killing Fryers, and later began a relationship with Shado despite Slade telling him that she was a distraction. Oliver was later imprisoned on the Amazo, and reunited with Sara, who survived the Queen's Gambit sinking. After escaping with Shado and Sara, the group decided to get Slade serum, but were captured by Anthony Ivo, who forced Oliver to choose between Sara and Shado. Oliver attempted to tell Ivo to leave them alone, but was forced to kneel behind Sara when Ivo aimed at her, and seeing this as a decision, shot Shado dead.

Slade arrived after Oliver injected him with the Mirakuru serum, and asked why Shado died, and Sara lied to him that Ivo shot her without reason. After burying Shado, the group worked on defeating Ivo at the Amazo, and Oliver eventually admitted to Slade of why Shado died when having Ivo at his mercy. Enraged, Slade attacked Oliver as Ivo ran away, and Slade nearly killed Oliver before a explosion happened. Oliver attempted to run away, but was caught by Slade, who named himself the new captain of the Amazo, having killed the previous one.

Slade later ordered Ivo to kill Oliver the way he killed Shado, but sliced off Anthony's arm when he didn't do his order immediately. Slade claimed that he would not let Oliver die until he had known despair as Slade had, and severely tortured him by using the ship's crew. Slade branded Oliver with the same tattoo that Shado had, and in part of the deal he made with Sara, had Oliver be returned to the island with Ivo. After making the exchange between Oliver and Hendrick, Slade threatened that once he got the ship moving, he would make Oliver's family suffer.

Once reuniting with Sara, former Amazo prisoner Anatoly Knyazev decided to torture Ivo, but was stopped. Ivo told Oliver information on a cure for the Mirakuru serum, and Oliver shot him instead of Sara. Oliver, Sara and Anatoly worked together to destroy the Amazo, and Oliver told Anatoly to shoot a torpedo at the Amazo if they didn't return. On the ship, Slade revealed that he had the cure of Mirakuru, and made Oliver and Sara watch him inject numerous prisoners with Marakuru.

Oliver tried to reason with Slade, stating that Shado would want them to return home, and Anatoly fired the torpedo at the Amazo. During the chaos, Oliver and Sara fought Slade, and Slade threw Sara down the hole in the ship, seemingly killing her. Oliver and Slade started to fight, but were knocked off balance and debris fell onto Slade, trapping him. Oliver decided to kill Slade by stabbing an arrow through his eye, and was knocked out by another explosion. Unbeknownst to Oliver, Slade survived the ordeal, and would become one his greatest enemies when he became a vigilante.


Oliver was rescued by Amanda Waller, and began working for A.R.G.U.S. despite trying to reach his family and friends. Oliver eventually began to show his dark side, and later tortured General Matthew Shrieve to protect the Yamashiro family. During this time, Oliver eventually returned home, but decided to leave and became a hooded vigilante, targeting corrupted businessmen. Oliver was later forced to return to Lian Yu by Waller, who wanted him to embrace his killer instinct and stop drug lord Baron Reiter. While undercover, he was ordered to execute Taiana Venediktov, but saved her and later met John Constantine, who revealed that corruption was on island. Oliver was later exposed as a spy, and was taken to a prison cell with Taiana, whom he bonded with.

Oliver and Taiana worked together in finding the Khushu Idol, a mystical object that allowed anyone to tap into the dark magic by harnessing it by killing others, and later killed Reiter. Taiana became corrupted by the idol, but regained her senses and ordered Oliver to kill her so she wouldn't become like Reiter. Oliver fulfilled her wish and called Waller to save him and the prisoners, and rejects her offer for another mission. Oliver tells Waller that he had to keep Taian's promise, which was that whoever survived, should return home and tell their loved ones what happened.

The Bratva

Oliver traveled to Russian to find Konstantin Kovar, and reunited with Anatoly after being kidnapped by the Bratva. Oliver revealed his plans to Anatoly, who told that the only way to get Kovar was by getting help from the Bratva. Realizing that he had to become a member, Oliver joined the Bratva after going through a dangerous process, and was nicknamed "Kapot". Eventually, Oliver was captured and tortured by Kovar, but was rescued by the Bratva, who had made a deal with Kovar.

Afterward, Oliver became enraged by the deal, and was nearly killed by Pakhan Gregor, but it was stopped by the intervention of Talia al Ghul. Talia told Oliver that she wanted to help him defeat Kovar, and gave him his green hooded suit and a bow to fight against Kovar and his allies.

Returning Home

After seemingly killing Kovar, Oliver was awarded as the Bratva captain and was given a black sun tattoo. Oliver then asked Anatoly transportation to Lian Yu, as it was the only alibi he had to explain why he was gone for so long, and enacted plan to be found there by fishermen. On the island, Oliver was captured by Kovar, who survived their last confrontation, and was given a drug to remember all the bad things he had done. When hallucinating Yao Fei, Oliver is given a choice of killing himself or Kovar, but after experiencing a hallucination of Laurel telling him that he is still loved by his friends and family, shot the lock on his hand and escaped.

After killing Kovar and his men, Oliver gathered his gear and fake beard and ignited a fire to alert the fishermen, and was saved and given a phone. After speaking with his mother, Oliver returned to Starling City and vowed to either extort or kill anyone on The List who was destroying his home, and right his father's wrongs.



All my life, all that I've ever thought about is myself. I took my family for granted. I betrayed people that I loved. And I'm not gonna be that person any more.
~ Oliver Queen.

During his teenage to early adult years, Oliver was a self-entitled and rich playboy, being the center of many scandals such as him assaulting paparazzi while intoxicated. He was more interested in sleeping with women and thrill-seeking instead of working hard in college, and dropped out of four Ivy Leagues schools during his youth. Oliver was also reckless and selfish to the people he loved, such as cheating on Laurel because he wanted to break his commitment moving to a home with her. That being said, he did love his family, cared for his sister Thea, and spent time with his father.

Once marooned on Lian Yu, Oliver became depressed after witnessing Sara's apparent death and witnessing his father kill Dave and commit suicide. He came out of his shell once meeting Yao Fei, and became a strong-willed warrior after being trained by Slade Wilson and Shado. Oliver eventually became a darker person after joining A.R.G.U.S., and went into self-exile to atone for his actions, such as brutally torturing General Shrieve.

After five years of training and dealing with what the worst the world could offer him, Oliver returned to Starling City to right his father's wrongs and rid the city of poisonous people. He showed himself to have matured and lost his playboy personality, becoming intelligent, disciplined and responsible. Despite his darker persona, Oliver eventually realized that he was allowing darkness to consume him, and has often tried to be a better hero.

Powers and Abilities


  • Divine Powers: As the Spectre, he has a vast array of powers in order to enforce God's will.

Alternate Reality Powers

  • Meta-Human Physiology: In an altered reality created by John Deegan, Oliver gained Barry Allen's meta-human powers and his connection to the speed force.
  • Accelerated Healing: Oliver's molecules move at a accelerated rate, thus mending damage quick and more efficiently than humans.
  • Bodily Vibration: Oliver could vibrate his body, showing that he could vibrate through highly solid targets, and pass through solid matter.
  • Electrokinesis: Oliver could produce yellow electricity from his body, and was able to hurl lighting bolts to stun or repel enemies when it could be focused.
  • Superhuman Mental Process: Oliver' thought process was increased, being able to retain information.
  • Superhuman Speed: Oliver could move at vast speeds, being able to run across vertical structures and ceilings.
  • Superhuman Durability: Oliver's meta-human physiology possessed great resilience, being able to survive impacts that could kill humans.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Oliver could handle the stress of extreme racing without distress, and his body didn't build any fatigue or not lactic acids.


  • Incredible Intelligence/Great business acumen/Great political acumen/Master tactician/Leader: Oliver is very sharp-witted and methodical man, alert and adaptive to the situation. Although at first he was known to be bad at academics, it was later revealed it was only because he lacked drive and he proved to be a quick learner, having gained great knowledge, if not mastery, in various fields. Oliver is highly tactical, both in preparation and while in action, able to quickly analyze the situation and how best to handle it. When operating solo, Oliver could effectively track down his targets and determine the best course of action in various missions. Oliver is a highly effective leader, both as a businessman and leading Team Arrow. Despite not having a political background, Oliver was soon able to motivate and inspire the people of Star City and eventually become the mayor.
    • Computer specialist: During Oliver's time in A.R.G.U.S., he became quite proficient in handling programs and networks. He is capable of hacking a system to transfer money from/into bank accounts, set up a network to monitor criminal activity in Star City, acquire guarded information, and work around security programs. Oliver can also override basic attacks on his system in the Arrowcave. However, his skills are not on par with Felicity Smoak's, as Oliver often went to her for help even before she joined his team, though he was still able to operate with her improvements of the Arrowcave's computers. Overtime, Oliver's abilities grew further due to training from Felicity; while in Slabside Maximum Security Prison, he was able to hack into its network using an old computer in the library to look up Peter Yorke's profile.
    • Culinary expertise: While stranded on Lian Yu, Oliver learned to cook animals for nourishment. During his five months of retirement in Ivy Town, Oliver became an extremely talented chef, with many praising his culinary skills in various styles. Oliver's most notably acclaimed dishes include his specialty soufflés and chicken cordon bleu.
    • Expert driver/Pilot: Oliver is a master of driving multiple vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, and is easily able to pursue and catch up to targets at high speeds while avoiding traffic. Oliver was also taught by his father how to fly an airplane. Working together with Nyssa, he was able to safely crash land a falling plane.
    • Expert investigator/Forensics: Oliver can determine much of what transpired in an area with little evidence by searching for information and following clues. He is very precise with forensics, able to analyze a crime scene; for example, Oliver determined Floyd Lawton was the sniper targeting the bidders of Unidac Industries after analyzing one of the sniper's bullets and researching the modus operandi. Upon investigating the scene of James Holder's murder, Oliver deduced where Lawton's stray bullet had landed and thoroughly studied it.
    • Master interrogator/Torturer: During his time with A.R.G.U.S., Oliver became an excellent interrogator and torturer. He is capable of inflicting much physical pain into a target without killing them and is even capable of using mind games to worsen the discomfort.
    • Master of deception/Manipulator: Oliver can be very deceptive, effectively convincing all that he is not a vigilante for years through various, carefully-designed ruses, even fooling a polygraph test by keeping a steady heartbeat. Oliver even arranged for Peter Yorke to lose his job at Slabside Maximum Security Prison by stabbing himself while making it look like Yorke was the perpetrator. Oliver is skilled at psychological warfare, using his enemies' plans against them all while feigning defeat.

Medical knowledge: Oliver can patch up most injuries on himself or others, including bullet wounds, knowing much on human anatomy. From Yao Fei Gulong, Oliver learned pressure point manipulation, able to paralyze a person into a seemingly dead state and undo it.

    • Meditation: Oliver is skilled in meditation, able to guide others in regaining memories. Employing this skill himself, Oliver can resist advanced brainwashing techniques for an extended period of time.
    • Multilingual: Oliver was fluent in English, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Tibetan, and Arabic. Oliver spoke all these languages at a native level enough to effectively make a (temporarily) blinded Chinese Triad member believe that he was actually Chinese.
    • Occult knowledge: Oliver gained great knowledge regarding magic and the supernatural world, able to immediately identify Damien Darhk's magical powers and distinguishing it from meta-human powers.
    • Skilled engineer/Metalsmith: Oliver has proven himself to be a capable engineer. Learning from his father, Robert Queen, he was able to fix a broken radio when even Slade couldn't. His time in the Bratva furthered his constructive skills, as Oliver can create electronic devices, explosives, forge his own arrows, and even design makeshift bows and arrows using various hotel room items. Oliver is also capable of crafting jewelry, designing an arrowhead necklace for Sara Diggle.
    • Toxicology: Oliver is knowledgeable in various types of poisons; he was able determine a bullet which grazed him was laced with curare after analyzing his blood. From his analysis of various residues and such, Oliver has also demonstrated considerable knowledge of chemistry.
  • Indomitable Will: Oliver has great sheer will, having survived torture from the likes of Edward Fryers, Slade Wilson, Konstantin Kovar, and was able to survive the effects of Red Death. He is a focused and determined individual, and has been noted by many for not giving up no matter what.
  • Peak Human Physical Condition: After five years of surviving, Oliver reached his peak condition, and maintains this physique by training and exercising. Oliver received training from Slade Wilson, Shado, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and the League of Assassins, further improving his condition and ability to handle any type of intensity. He is capable of snapping necks with ease, and fight multiple foes at once.
    • Master Acrobat: After receiving intense and vigorous training, Oliver is a master acrobat and free-runner. He is able to chase and outrun opponents with little time, scale buildings and run across rooftops with no effort, and able to dodge attacks by doing flips, twists and sharp turns.
    • Honed Senses: Oliver's senses were honed to their peak, and has sharper hearing, sight and perception, and can pick up danger before anyone else in the area does.
    • Master Swimmer: Oliver is a master swimmer and is skilled in free-diving, having received training from Taiana Venediktov, who was impressed that he became a skilled swimmer with only an hour of practice.
  • Master Martial Artist: Oliver is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, his skills only continuing to grow by training until finally he became among the greatest fighters in the multiverse. He has mastered many martial arts, such as Kali, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Hapkido, and many others, making his fighting style unpredictable and able to easily change his pattern to suit the situation. The most prominent example of his fighting prowess was his fights with Malcolm Merlyn, (who praised his fighting prowess despite still besting him in their early altercations and in time he grew to surpass to the point where he could easily defeat Merlyn), Slade Wilson (who he held his own against even after being injured), Nyssa Al Ghul (Who he defeated twice and swiftly dealt with in their final match after being trained by her father), Ra's al Ghul, (who praised him for lasting better than most and he was able to go toe-to-toe with after he was trained by the latter long enough to surprise and kill him, though he could not defeat him in a fair fight), Damien Darhk, (who he briefly held his own against even after becoming rusty and was able to overwhelm after getting back into shape and he would go on to nearly defeat Darhk using his powers alongside Vixen and effortlessly beat him to submission after he lost his magic and even after Darhk retrained himself and was more powerful than ever but couldn't use his powers on him, Oliver was able to match and eventually defeat Darhk), Ricardo Diaz, (who he defeated in two of their altercations and held his own against even after getting rusty and Diaz having gained superhuman strength), Vandal Savage, (who Oliver was able to go up against and even disarm of his staff and Savage called Oliver's capabilities astonishing), Dante (who he fought to a near standstill), Adrian Chase (Who he dominated in their first, second and third fights, only losing when he got distracted, and ultimately stalemated in their fourth and defeated him in their final fight), Emiko Adachi (Who he easily matched in their first confrontation and subsequently defeated in their later fights), Athena (Who he defeated with little struggle), Daniel Brickwell, Ben Turner, and Derek Sampson (He defeated Brick and Sampson and was only defeated by Turner due to being surprised, even fighting both him and Chien Na Wei off at the same time, and by the time he was imprisoned in Slabside, he was able to fight all three of them, swiftly defeat Turner and his companions, and best both Brick and Sampson, only losing when they blinded him). He was an excellent trainer, having trained his team to increase their skill.
  • Swordsmanship: Oliver is a master swordsman, having received training from Slade, but this skill was dulled due to his overuse of a bow and arrow. Despite this, he retained his skills with swords, impressing Ra's al Ghul for being one of the few opponents to last while fighting him.
  • Knife Mastery: Oliver is greatly skilled with knives, and is lethally skilled with throwing knives at his enemies.
  • Master Stick-Fighter: After receiving training from Slade, Oliver became a skilled stick fighter, and often uses his bow as a makeshift blunt weapon against his enemies. He is also skilled with a bo-staff, being able to defeat three of Xavier Reed's men.
  • Master Archer: After receiving training in archery during his time on the island, Oliver became a master archer, being capable of hitting targets from great distances. Oliver's skill with bow is great at close range and combat, being able to shift between melee fighting and shooting. Through his career as a vigilante, word spread quickly that Oliver never missed.
  • Marksmanship: Oliver is also skilled with firearms, becoming an adept sniper while working with A.R.G.U.S. and shoot targets miles away.


  • He is a fan of the Starling City Rockets.
  • He is similar to Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • Both were wealthy and self-entitled playboys before becoming heroes.
    • After going through predicament and trials, both decided to spend the rest of their lives to protect the world from threats.
    • Both died in order to protect their universes from ancient evil alien tyrants who were hellbent on destroying all life.

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