Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks is the deuteragonist of Little Orphan Annie, its musical Annie, and its films, including the sequel Annie: A Royal Adventure. He is a billionaire who, at first, doesn't like children, but invites an orphan, unaware that it includes girls, for he actually wanted a boy, but he never said so. He warns up to this invited orphan, Annie, and eventually adopts her as his daughter.

In Annie: A Royal Adventure!, he is spending Spring Break on a trip to London to be knighted by the king.

So far, all actors playing him on the screen varied in nationality; in the 1982 film, he is played by the late British actor Albert Finney; in that film's sequel, he is played by American actor George Hearn; and in the 1999 TV film, he is played by Canadian actor Victor Garber.

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