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Heroine Overview

You must be Mario! My name's Olivia! You'd probably like to know a lot more about me and why I was trapped like that, huh? But...I don't think we really have time for that now. Maybe we should just get out of here. There's just one thing. I'm not exactly fleet of foot. Mind if I hitch a ride?
~ Olivia introducing herself to Mario.
Oh, you guys! Thank you! With all of you by my side, I might actually be able to do this! LEMME AT HIM! I'm coming for you, Brother. And this time it won't be so easy to drop a giant boulder on me! Oh, by the way... How are we actually going to get to Peach's Castle, you guys?
~ Olivia determined to stop King Olly at all costs.

Olivia is the main ally of Paper Mario in Paper Mario: The Origami King and the younger sister of King Olly. She is a naive, outgoing, kind, and is easily capable of becoming friends with a variety of people, including Bowser's minions. She shares a similar role to that of Kersti from Sticker Star, Huey from Color Splash and Tippi from Super Paper Mario.

Personality and Traits

Olivia has the mindset of a cheerful, yet naive child (presumably is one), who easily becomes amazed by new things. While King Olly has a strong hatred towards flat paper, something she doesn't understand, Olivia, on the other hand, firmly believes that origami and flat paper can co-exist peacefully. She often tends to become easily distracted when she notices something amazing. She is also very considerate to those she doesn't know as she was willing to hold on to Luigi's hat as a memento when he was thought to be dead during when the castle was moved to the volcano, stating that she misses him anyway.

Olivia is also shown to have a sensitive side, such as when Bobby sacrifices himself by exploding to save her from the boulder which Olly had trapped her, where she becomes extremely sad over his death. She also becomes devastated when she realized that she went too far as to fatally wound her brother in her hammer form. Despite this, she easily cheers up upon seeing a funny face, and is even willing to give up her own existence to restore the Mushroom Kingdom to its former glory, as part of King Olly's final request.


Before she came to be, King Olly was created as part of the Origami Castle, made for the Origami Festival. Olivia was originally designed by the Original Craftsman, but when King Olly backstabbed the Original Creator and traps him in his workshop wall, and proceeded to craft Olivia, as part of his plot to rule the Mushroom Kingdom with her ruling as queen alongside him, but Olivia was against this and tried to convince her brother that origami and flat paper can live together peacefully. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, Olly punishes her by imprisoning her in the dungeon walls in Peach's Castle.

After Mario is dropped into the castle dungeon by Origami Princess Peach, he hears the voice of Olivia saying that she is trapped 'in-between dimensions'. Mario then proceeded to use the 1000 Folded Arms technique on the wall, which frees her. She introduces herself and joins him in their escape, and eventually meets up with Bowser, who was folded up and forced to watch his minions transform into Folded Soldiers and follow someone else other than him. They release him and they escape the dungeons. They soon encounter Origami Peach and a folded yellow Shy Guy, who orders their Folded Soldiers to attack them, but Mario defeats them. The yellow Shy Guy then transforms into none other than King Olly, much to Olivia's horror, since he was responsible behind those bizarre events. She tries to reason with her brother, but Olly doesn't oblige, and he reveals his plans of turning the world into his kingdom, and summons five colorful streamers to wrap up Peach's Castle and carry it to a distant volcano. Mario, Olivia, and Bowser barely managed to escape on the Koopa Clown Car, but one of the streamers slam into them, separating them and she and Mario land in the Whispering Woods below them.

Olivia spends most of her time accompanying Mario in his quest to find the ends of the five streamers, helping him eliminate each of the Legion of Stationery that guard them and destroying the streamers; she also teaches him about the Near-Bottomless Holes and how the battle system works. On their journey to destroy the blue streamer, they meet an amnesiac Bob-omb, whom Olivia calls Bobby during their ride to the Autumn Mountain and he joins them in the hopes of recovering his lost memory, but his own naivete causes Mario and Olivia much trouble whenever he tried to befriend a Paper Mache Soldier and often needs to be saved. After destroying the blue streamer, Bobby recalls everything that happened and they then travel to the Sweetpaper Valley where they encounter King Olly, who proceeds to trap Olivia under a huge boulder to hinder their progress and Mario and Bobby leave to search for something Bobby is certain could free her. After receiving a yellow box from The Princess Peach ship, they return to the valley, where Bobby reveals his backstory and use's his late-best friend's fuse, which was found in the box, to blow up the boulder, at the cost of his own life. Olivia was happy to have been freed for a while, but after realizing Bobby's fate and Mario turning his back towards her in grief, she rushes into the mines in tears and bemoaning how she would be able to continue without him and Mario was at a loss. After seeing Bobby's ghost, who suggested that a funny face could cheer her up, Mario uses a Goomba Mask which causes her to laugh and realize that they need to continue to ensure that he did not sacrifice himself in vain.

During their venture across the Great Sea in search of the underwater Diamond Island as part of their mission to destroy the purple steamer, They come across a mushroom house which is the home of the Original Craftsman. Upon arriving in the house's basement, Olivia surprises the Mario Bros. that she and her brother were created from the house. and with the help of Luigi, Mario frees the Original Craftsman who was responsible for the creation of King Olly, who turned on him and had him trapped in the first place, and tells the story of the events that would cause the current situation with the Folded Soldiers and the castle's relocation. This leaves Mario and Olivia wondering why King Olly had lashed out like that.

While having their mission to help Kamek and Bowser Jr. take back Bowser's Castle from the Folded Soldiers and save Bowser, Olivia is kidnapped by Handaconda when Mario took his eyes off her to reach into his pockets to show her the Castle Key, and eventually, Mario was ambushed by the same creature and battles to rescue Olivia and defeats it. After a battle with Scissors and annihilating the green streamer, Mario, Olivia, and all of Bowser's minions set their sights on Peach's Castle, which is no longer blocked off by the five streamers. She mistakes a Bob-omb and several other Bob-ombs for Bobby and becomes utterly baffled, until told otherwise.

Having finally arrived at their destination, Luigi (who had found several keys, but the one to Peach's Castle) joins them and they notice that the key was stuck in the exhaust pipe on Luigi's kart, which Bowser claimed was the reason why the kart was flying so slow. As they entered the castle, they are greeted by Origami Peach, this time, Luigi gets dropped into the dungeon and she insists that the rest of them follow her and her castle transforms into Origami Castle, which the group storms through. They are greeted by King Olly through several floors and sets up dangerous obstacles in their way, including Stapler, who was the reason Bowser could not unfold, which they defeat and Mario is able to return Bowser to his normal self. As they near the throne room, Olivia becomes discouraged over her brother sending Stapler to attack them and stricken with doubt if they'll defeat King Olly. She expresses gratitude to Mario, Bowser, and all of their allies that helped them along the way, while feeling guilty to have put them through so much danger. Bowser steps in and tells her that he is powerful and not afraid of Olly, but he had to put up with his spirited son, who leads his own army which was something he found challenging at times. This brings Olivia back up and vows to do her part when their time comes.

When they reach the throne room which is covered in 999 origami cranes, they confront Olly, who is sitting on his throne, with Princess Peach becoming one with the castle above him. He reveals his reasons for his actions that his creator, the Original Craftsman, had scribbled on his robe, which upset him so much that he viewed the Toads the same way. He intends to using the forbidden Thousand Cranes technique to make a wish to erase the existence of all the Toads, which horrifies the group; Olivia tries a couple more times to talk him out of it, but Olly wanted none of it and intends on using Mario as the 1,000 crane when he defeats him to accomplish his goals. After a long tenacious battle, with Olivia transforming into different Vellumentals and a hammer transformation given to her by the Original Craftsman, they finally defeat King Olly.

Olly lies on the floor with a horrified Olivia, who was sorrowful that she went too far as to have fatally wounded him. Olly requests that she reads the 'gibberish' on his robe and she read that his creator wanted him to be a kind and wise king. A remorseful Olly realized that it wasn't really a vandalizing scawl, he apologizes to Olivia and everyone for all the trouble he put them through and asks Olivia to fold him into a crane and they will grant any wish. After his death, Luigi arrives on his kart with Kamek, Bowser Jr., and the Original Craftsman, and the latter guides her in reshaping Olly's body into a crane. With that done, Olivia looks at Mario and the group and Princess Peach (who is still attached as a wall), she makes a wish to undo all the origami that was created by her brother. This wish reverses the damage and returning Peach's Castle to its original spot. However, because she was also one of the origami that was created by Olly, it also results in her own death as she was folded by him and she undid her own existence.


Olivia's death briefly causes Mario to fall into a bout depression where he blames himself for her death but he is encouraged to move on thanks to his friends. Peach even comments that she and Olly must be reunited somewhere. If the game was cleared when the player reaches 100%, they unlock a special ending, there is a miniature version of Olivia and Olly placed on the origami castle by the Original Craftsman, which they fulfil their roles that their creator had intended them for.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

Olivia appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an spirit, first introduced in the "Paper Mario: The Origami King" event as a promotion for the then-upcoming game. She is an advanced-ranked support spirit who increases the user's air defence. Her spirit battle is against Pikachu, Mario and Bowser on the Paper Mario stage.

Powers and Abilities

  • Levitation-Olivia could float in the air and was only shown sitting down twice.
    • Object Levitation-Olivia could also use her levitation powers to levitate others into the air as seen when she made Bowser into Mega Bowser.
  • Durability-Olivia was crushed flat into the ground by a giant boulder summoned by King Olly but survived it and remained folded for a considerable period of time.
  • 1000-Fold Arms Granting-Olivia was able to empower Mario to let him fold his arms up 1000 times to form large origami arms with immense strength. However, if Mario lost Olivia for any reason, he would be unable to use them.
  • Folding-Olivia could fold her body into various shapes for a variety of effects.
    • Sheet Of Paper-To fit into Mario's overalls, Olivia folded herself into a napkin sized sheet of paper. She only does this when they first meet however as all other times has her just fly into him.
    • Vellumental Transformation-After reading a Bibliofold, Olivia could fold her body into each of thier forms to access thier elemental powers.
      • Ground Raising-As the Earth Vellumental, Olivia could raise the ground under Mario to protect him from the Water Vellumental's attacks. Doing this also would flip over [[ Hole Punch when he tried to use The Whole Punch on Mario.
        • Shell Smash-After doing this, Olivia would retract into her shell to dash around the area with it and deal heavy damage to any ground-based enemies.
      • Water Generation: As the Water Vellumental, Olivia was able to absorb water into her body from off of the platform despite there being no water present around the arena.
        • Mega Wave-Olivia could then blast a massive stream of water from her mouth to drench the area to extinguish all fires in the area.
      • Flamecrower-As the Fire Vellumental, Olivia could fire off a stream of fire from the back of her throat capable of doing severe damage to the Ice Vellumental.
      • Ice Slash-As the Ice Vellumental, Olivia could walk up to the boss and perform a powerful double white energy slash with her claws.
    • Person Folding-Olivia was able to float paper beings into the air and engulf them with yellow energy to turn them into origami beings as seen when she created Mega Bowser.
    • Olivia Hammer-Olivia's most powerful move where she folded into a massive yellow-white hammer for Mario to use in battle. Though only used once in the final battle, it killed King Olly with three hits.
  • Magic Circle Summoning-Olivia could channel yellow energy into her body before releasing it in blue sparkles to summon the final Magic Circle.


Wow! I'm free from that weird in-between dimension!... Oh, was I just stuck in that wall?
~ Olivia's first words after being saved from the inside of a wall by Mario.
''Brother! No...it can't be! I didn't want to believe it could be you. How many times did I tell you to stop? Please! You have to stop now!
~ Olivia once King Olly revealed himself as the mastermind behind the capture of Peach's Castle.
There's the end of the Streamer! And that's my brothers face right in the middle of it. He's really making sure everyone knows this was him. Should we try and detach it somehow? Oooh! Maybe if you jumped into it from below?
~ Olivia when she and Mario found the first Streamer (the Red Streamer).
Yikes! That was close! I wish those sticks would stick to their own business!
~ Olivia when two pencil missiles narrowly missed Mario.
Legion of Stationery?! Jean... Pi...pi... That's too long for me to remember! I'm just gonna call you colored pencils, OK? I suppose my brother sent you to try and stop us, right? Well, Colored Pencils, you talk tough and you draw REALLY well but have you even HEARD of Mario? Yeah! That's what I thought! Mario is tough and he's got a moustache and he's gonna mess you up!... Right, Mario?
~ Olivia when she and Mario were confronted by Colored Pencils (real name Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th).
Hang on! You think you're the star?! I'll admit, you definitely know how to make an entrance... But there's no denying that my buddy Mario was the best part of your whole production. Gosh. Haaang on! You directed this show?! Why did you make it so dangerous? Mario could have gotten hurt somehow! Gosh! Waaait a second! You're covered in rubber bands! Does that mean you're also the one whose trapped all these Toads?
~ Olivia when confronted by the fused form of the Rubber Band.
Hey! You can't just flick the panels away! We need those! What the---? Now there are rubber bands all over the arena!
~ Olivia when the Rubber Band used his rubber bands to banish random arrows off his Boss Ring.
Look! Some of it's bands are missing. It couldn't summon them all back!
~ Olivia once Mario's 1000-Fold Arms technique sent many of Rubber Band's bands out of the stage.
Oh no! It summoned those loose bands back to its weird, wobbly body! What do we do now?!
~ Olivia after the Rubber Band reabsorbed all of its rubber bands that Mario knocked out of him with a normal attack.
Normal attacks aren't working! There must be a better way to HAND-le this battle...right? Some way to ARM ourselves?
~ Olivia if Mario tries a second normal attack on the Rubber Band.
Eww! It's all wobbly and wiggly!
~ Olivia when Mario revealed the Rubber Band's true form.
Normal attacks won't have any effect on that rubbery body! Isn't there some way we can gain upper HAND!
~ Olivia if Mario tries a normal attack on the Rubber Band's true form.
You did it, Mario! All that's left is to take that Streamer down!
~ Olivia after the death of the Rubber Band.
Wha... What happened? Did you save me, Mario? Thank you so much! Getting flattened hurt a LOT, but now I am back to my folded and fancy-free self! Wow, the whole rock is just... gone! Blasted into confetti! How did that happen, anyway? Did you get some kind of dynamite hammer or something? Just kapow! Or what? Wait, HUH?! Where's Bobby? Is he around? Don't tell me he missed all of this. ...Uh, Mario? Wait did he...? There was a loud bang, and now the rock is gone... No. No! IT CAN'T BE!
~ Olivia is saved from the boulder only to realize how it got destroyed.
*sniff* *whimper* ...Bobby sacrificed himself for me... Now he's gone... How... how could he do that? I... I don't know how to go on... He's just... gone... I'm too sad to move.
~ Olivia mourning Bob-omb's death.
There was a very, uh...intimidating speech, but he's too powerful here! He'll crumple you for sure! Olly was right. This place is made of pure origami power! It strengthened him, so it could strengthen you too! Let me fold you!''
~ Olivia before folding Paper Bowser into Mega Bowser to fight Mega King Olly.
I can't believe it. I know there was goodness in him, but...Olly chose to hate flat paper beings to the bitter end.
~ Olivia after Mega Bowser supposedly pushed King Olly to his death.
Oh no! My brother's WAY too big! We can't stop him like this... Oh! Wait! That Origami Craftsman gave me something special before we left his workshop. It's time to use it!
~ Olivia reacting to Ultra King Olly and summoning the final magic circle.
Oh, come ON! He jumbled up our Magic Circle! Could he fight fair for, like, TWO seconds?! Hurry, Mario! We've got to fix this jumbo-sized Magic Circle as fast as we can!
~ Olivia after Ultra King Olly scrambled the final Magic Circle.
Oh my gosh! You did it, Mario! We can finally use the Magic Circle! The Origami Craftsman gave me one final folding teqhnique...and it's our only chance at stopping Olly!
~ Olivia after the Magic Circle was reformed.
Brother, please! Come to your senses!
~ Olivia after becoming the Olivia Hammer.
I'm sorry, brother. I had no choice... Oh, but your poor body is all crumpled now. Maybe I went too far...
~ Olivia after mortally wounding King Olly.
Wait...what's this? On your belly?
~ Olivia noticing the inscription the Origami Craftsman put on Oliy's stomach which caused all of this.
OK. Um, let's see... "Dearest Olly, may you grow into a fair and kind king."...Its not just a scribble. It's a very sweet message from the Origami Craftsman. He just wished you the very best as a new king...
~ Olivia after being asked to read said inscription.
''Brother! Mario...I have something to confess... I don't know how to fold a crane! Maybe Olly could have taught me--after all, he folded the entire castle and even ME--but look at him now...
~ Olivia when Olly died and unfolded into useless paper.
Thousandth crane, grant me my wish... May all of the origami folded by my brother be undone!
~ Olivia's final words before her demise.


  • Olivia is most likely the first and so far the only primary partner who is 100% confirmed to have died and not brought back to life, as the final fates of Tippi and Huey are subject to debate.
    • Kersti died at the end of Sticker Star to give Mario the power to defeat Bowser, but Mario made a wish to revive her afterwards.
  • Olivia is the only one of Mario's partners who did not formally meet Princess Peach due to her being an origami soldier for the entirety of the game.

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