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Olivia is a major protagonist in the Minecraft: Story Mode series. She is an expert redstone engineer and one of Jesse's best friends.

She is voiced by Martha Plimpton.


Olivia is intelligent, witty, introverted and caring. She is very insecure, being affected by the viewpoints of others and not wanting herself and her friends to appear as losers to them. She isn't very confident and is easily worried, but still tries to make the best out of a situation. She is kind and caring, as shown by how she installed a redstone lamp inside the treehouse she lived in with Jesse, Axel and Reuben that would turn on at night to make sure Reuben wouldn't get scared at night.



  • Olivia starts the first conversation and set of dialogue options in Minecraft Story Mode, with her question, “Would you rather fight 100 chicken-sized zombies or 10 zombie-sized chickens?”
  • When Olivia fainted (determinantly) that similar when Jar Jar Binks fainted in The Phantom Menace.


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