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Olivia is a female cat, and Oggy's love interest in the fourth season from Oggy and the Cockroaches.


Olivia is a tritagonist. kind, lovely and a nature-loving cat. Whenever she finds something exciting and new, she would like her friends to join her, just like what she did in The Bathtub Race and when someone is doing something, Olivia would think of something that is so fun, like for an example when Oggy falls into her fountain, Olivia suggested to have an above-ground pool.

She also likes insects and doesn't want anyone to hurt them. If someone hurt them, she'll start crying just like when Oggy swats the cockroaches in A Charming Guy. She is sometimes fussy, because when something appears in her face, Olivia would scream loud and then hide in her room, like in Olivia's Pimple.


She is a white cat. She has black hair and blue eyes. She is similar to Oggy. She wears a yellow bow on her head. In Ice Skate, she has her own skate shoes, which are pink with white laces. She has a purple swimsuit. Her nose is pink and is much smaller than Oggy's. She has pink dots from her whiskers, like Oggy, who has yellow dots.

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