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Omega Supreme is a character from the cartoon series Transformers Animated.


First in a line of Omega Sentinel weapons, Omega was grimly aware of the heavy combat toll his friends must have suffered for him to even be activated in the first place. Omega does not hesitate to unleash his colossal firepower and risk his own life and safety on their behalf. After being left grievously wounded in the Battle of Iacon, Omega was put into stasis. His starship alternate mode was put into service as a repair/maintenance vessel under the command of Optimus Prime

As the starship Orion, Omega Supreme has Optimus, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Bumblbee, and Prowl as its crew, and its systems are managed by a female-voiced artificial intelligence which is addressed as Teletran-1. The ship's equipment includes a set of six emergency stasis pods, an extendable boarding/docking tube, and a pair of large manipulator arms that emerge from roof panels and are controlled manually from the bridge. While it also possesses some offensive weaponry, these systems were disabled when it was turned into a repair ship. Its navigation protocols include automatic course-correction for navigating through obstructions such as asteroid fields. It is also meant to have an emergency defence system codenamed "Omega," but in the interests of conserving energon, said system is currently disabled. However, it still has active sensors for detecting unwanted or unauthorized invasion by foreign objects.


Omega Supreme was the result of "Project: Omega", an Autobot experiment to create a living weapon of mass destruction that could defeat the Decepticons. Because Omega Supreme's processors were not advanced enough to guide himself, Ratchet was assigned to be his guardian. During the war, he was badly injured and close to death and following Ratchet's instructions, transforms to his spaceship form before he is deactivated.

Omega remained dormant in the form of the team's ship after the war, but re-activates and transforms again in the two-parter "A Bridge Too Close" to fight off the Decepticons on Earth (i.e. Lugnut, Blitzwing, Slipstream, Sunstorm, and Ramjet), but was sucked into a Groundbridge that transports him (along with Megatron and Starscream's head) into space.

Megatron gained control of Omega in the third season, and was used in a plan to terrorize Detroit using Lugnut Supremes: Lugnut-themed clones of Omega. At the end of the season, he is freed when Ratchet and Arcee, accompanied by Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and Sari Sumdac, manage to severe him from Megatron's control. After ejected Lugnut from him, Omega again helps the Earthbound Autobots fight the Lugnut Supremes.



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