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This planet has... changed me. And there's no going back from that, son. Without you... I don't know what it would have taken... what I would have done... to make me realize that.
~ Omni-Man to his son, Mark Grayson.
You don't seem to understand, Earth, isn't yours to conquer.
~ Omni-Man to a Flaxan Overlord and their army.
WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THIS!? YOU'RE FIGHTING SO YOU CAN WATCH EVERYONE AROUND YOU DIE! THINK, MARK! You'll outlast every fragile, insignificant being on this planet! You'll live to see this world crumble to dust and BLOW AWAY! EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING you know WILL BE GONE! WHAT WILL YOU HAVE AFTER FIVE HUNDRED YEARS!?
~ Omni-Man's heroic breakdown and his most famous speech to Mark from the TV series.

Omni-Man also known as Nolan Grayson, is the deuteragonist of the Invincible comics and the main antagonist of the first season of its 2021 animated adaptation. He is an alien from the planet, Viltrum, and became the father of Mark Grayson, who would become the superhero Invincible. He was revealed to be a villain upon slaughtering the Guardians of the Globe, but redeemed himself for the sake of his family and to protect the Earth from the Viltrum Empire.

He was created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker, and first appeared in Invincible # 1 in January of 2003.

In the titular animated series, he is voiced by J.K. Simmons, who plays J. Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tenzin in The Legend of Korra, and Ford Pines in Gravity Falls.


He is the father of Invincible and Kid Omni-Man. He came to down earth as an agent of the Viltrum Empire and was supposed to take over the world for their cause to expand their empire more. Eventually, he battled his son nearly killing him. Still having love for his son, Omni-Man fled out of Earth and created a new life for himself on a planet inhabited by Mantis-People. There he met Andressa, whom he would marry and have named Oliver and would later be adopted into the Grayson family.


Early Life

Nolan was born on the planet Viltrum in 1992 and is the son of Argall, the leader of the Viltrumites, and an unnamed woman. When he was young, Argall was killed by Thaedus, who no longer believed in the Viltrumites' violent ways, and as a result, Nolan's true heritage was hidden from the recorders to hide him from enemies. The Viltrumites then organized the Viltrum Empire, which was led by Thragg, and Nolan decided to help the empire conquer planets. Nolan showed himself to be a capable warrior, and was so successful, that he became the commander of his own unit.

Going to Earth

A virus started to destroy the Viltrumite population, the Empire decided to take advantage of their decelerated aging, and infiltrate a society and weaken the chance of it resisting a takeover. Nolan decided to take on this mission, and flew to Earth to accomplish their task, meeting Cecil Stedman to learn more about human culture. Nolan then adopted the last name Grayson to appear more human, and met a woman named Debbie, and the two later married and had a son, Mark Grayson.

Cecil then set Nolan up as "Omni-Man" to be Earth's newest and most powerful superhero, and became an ally of the Guardians of the Globe. Nolan also met with costume maker Art Rosebaum, who designed him a costume for the superhero. Additionally, Nolan lied to Cecil, Debbie and Art about the reasons he was on Earth, and deceived his family and allies for years.

During the time, he would fight many villains to protect Earth, and kept an eye out for anyone who was strong enough to protect Earth from the Viltrum Empire. While raising his son, he revealed to him that he was half Viltrumite and half human, and one day would receive superpowers.


Once Mark received his powers, Nolan helped his son get his costume and later fight the Flaxans, who were aliens from another dimension. Nolan was abducted by the aliens for eight months, who neutralized his powers until they returned to Grayson and he escaped from the dimension. Upon his return, Nolan continued to work on helping the Viltrumites invade Earth, and had his son be occupied with fighting Allen the Alien. When Mark went to Upstate University, Nolan decided to put his plans into motion and slaughtered the Guardians of the Globe at their headquarters. After committing the act, Nolan hid in the spotlight to not become a suspect, but struggled with telling his son about their true origins. Though Nolan thought he succeeded in killing all of the members for the Guardians of the Globe, but learned that the Immortal survived and was looking for Omni-Man.

Nolan killed the Immortal in front of his son, and revealed his true origin and goal to help the Viltrum Empire invade Earth. He asked Mark to join him, but his son refused and the two battled across the globe. Omni-Man nearly killed Mark, but instead flew off into space in tears, not being able to kill his son. Realizing that he loved Mark, Nolan instead conquered another planet to lesson his crime of deserting the Viltrum Empire. He then came to the planet of Thraxa, where he learned that the Thraxans have a short life span and the oldest individual would rule the planet. Nolan became their ruler and would mate with a Thraxan named Andressa, who would have their child.

Wanting to speak with Mark, Nolan sent a Thraxan to collect his son from Earth and to bring him to the planet. Nolan and Mark reunited, and the former explained that he need his son's help to protect Thraxa from the Viltrumites. He also revealed that he had a child with Andressa, and the Viltrumites would kill the infant since his purple skin would be seen a defect. Nolan and Mark would fight the Viltrumits from invading Thraxa, but the former was injured and taken prisoner while Mark was saved and escaped.


When the reboot timeline started, Mark find himself re-living the events of the original series, but knew of what would happen to his father. In the reboot timeline, Nolan learned that Mark was hiding his abilities after fighting the Flaxans, and confronted him during dinner.

Mark asked his father did he love his mother and him, and Nolan realized that he truly loved his family before Mark revealed that he knew of his plans. Nolan then attacked his son, and was tricked by Mark into rushing into the Guardians of the Globe headquarters. Mark told the Guardians of Nolan's plan, and they decided to restrain him before Omni-Man killed the Immortal, however, the superhero survived the attempt.

When Stedman arrived to restrain Nolan and bring him to the pentagon, Grayson appealed to his son that he was sorry for his actions and asked for forgiveness. Allen the Alien then arrived and asked for Nolan's help to fight against the Viltrum Empire, and agreed to before telling Deborah he loved her.

Powers and Abilities


  • Viltrumite-Physiology: Being a Viltrumite, Omni-Man was born all his race's superhuman capacities, which puts him well-beyond the physical parameters of most races. While physically appearing middle-aged, Omni-Man's might ranks among the greatest all Viltrumites and is easily recognized as the single most powerful being on Earth, able to single-handedly defeat the entire Guardians of the Globe. Also as a Viltrumite, Omni-Man's genetics are so potently dominating, they almost completely overshadow any genetics his offspring will inherit from the other parent, making said offspring almost purely Viltrumite themselves.
    • Flight: Due to a complex balancing system located in his inner ears, Omni-Man is able to levitate himself at will and fly about as he pleases.
    • Invulnerability: Omni-Man's entire physical being is nigh-indestructible. Extreme temperatures, explosions, severe physical trauma, piercing weapons, and energy assaults have little to no affect on harming him. Only the most powerful of foes are able to cause any actual harm to him. He can even survive direct exposure to outer space, enabling him to perform interstellar travel without aid.
    • Enhanced Healing Factor: While Omni-Man is not absolutely immune to physical harm, he has remarkable recuperative powers. Able to survive most injuries that would kill normal humans, he is then able to recover any damage in very short periods of time, all with no lingering signs of the damage ever transpiring. He is also virtually immune to all forms of illness and contaminants. This healing factor also makes his body generates very little fatigue toxins, granting him immense stamina that lets him continue to exert himself for extended periods of time without collapsing or suffering from exhaustion. This also grants him an uncanny capacity to live entirely self-sufficiently, not needing nutrients or sleep, at least not nearly as much as humans would, and remained unhindered.
    • Superhuman Endurance: Most injuries that he does sustain, he is able to endure and ignore the pain for the most part with no major impact on his physical performance. His sheer resilience allows him to survive injuries that would kill most beings, such as being disemboweled. While still needing air to breathe, he can go for weeks without air unfazed.
    • Decelerated Aging: Omni-Man is blessed with an immense longevity. This stems from a decelerated aging process, gradually aging slower the older he gets, allowing him to retain his youthful health, vitality, conditioning, and appearance for an incalculably long time. At over two thousand years old, he has only begun to show signs of aging while still physically performing in his prime.
    • Superhuman Strength: Omni-Man is blessed with immense raw physical strength. able to easily life thousands of tons of weight with a single hand and plow through virtually any solid matter with little to no resistance. Offensively, he's sheer might can easily crush and tear through most targets with little trouble, even foes with their own level of super strength and/or heightened durability. The force of his strikes can even generate powerful sonic booms that upturn and crumble solid rock.
    • Superhuman Speed: Omni-Man is incredibly fast, capable of moving at super-luminal levels and able to traverse entire planets in minutes. His speed was also shown able to cause devastating explosions with the implication that his speed was splitting atoms and causing fission reactions. While not the absolute fastest, he has also shown remarkable reflexes and reaction time, able to follow the movements of faster foes to counter.


  • Deception: Nolan is a master manipulator, being able to deceive his family and allies about his true intentions for decades.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Raised and trained by a warmongering society, Omni-Man is a highly proficient combatant.
  • Leadership: Nolan shows himself to be a capable leader, and later became the emperor of Viltrum, and the ruler the Thraxans.
  • Writing Skills: Nolan is an expert writer, and has numerous successful books that he has written.


  • Vulnerable Ears: When a Viltrumite's equilibrium in their ears is disturbed, mainly by frequency, it can cause extreme pain and may even possibly kill them. Depending on how strong the frequency is determines that pain of attack.


Where's Mark, William? You were supposed to drop him off an hour ago.
~ Omni-Man to William.
I know this is a lot to take in at one time, but you're old enough to know the truth. And unfortunately... I'm not done yet. On top of all this... there's more. You see, you're getting older, son... things are going to start to change for you in a few years as you hit puberty. You're going to start to get acne. Your voice will start to crack and eventually change. You'll being to grow hair in strange and new places. You're going to start looking at girls in a whole new light. There's a good chance that you're going to start to develop super powers. Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Flight... the whole bit. All the powers I have... Mark? Do you understand?
~ Nolan telling his young son about their origins.
Son, stop. Listen to me. Do you have any idea what our life span is? The older we get the slower we age. We can't live among these frail things... your mother is little more than a pet. Viltrumite DNA is so pure and complete that you are nearly full blooded. I could mate with nearly any alien being of comparable evolutionary development and produce a similar offspring. This means you will eventually become as strong as me. You could potentially be stronger... and you will live for thousands of years. Do you understand what this means? Everything you know and love will be gone before you look thirty years old. You do not belong here. Do you really want to watch your world die around you?
~ Omni-Man to Invincible.
There will be no time for regrets! You will all be crushed under the heel of the Viltrum Empire!
~ Omni-Man.
They’re not coming because they’re no one to send. I am confident in this because I know how far away the Viltrumites are. My execution was postponed because they are called away—it was only recently that they were able to send back the two agents required by law for an execution. They had no else to spare. The reason is simple…there are less than fifty pure-blooded Viltrumites left alive in the whole universe. That’s the secret…that’s the thing they don’t want anyone to know…that’s why we can beat them.
~ Omni-Man.
It's me, Mark. It's just me. This isn't how I wanted to do this, but I don't have a choice. It's time for you to know where I really come from: I am from Viltrum, but it's not the planet I've told you about: We have created a perfect civilization, but it took all of our strength, determination, and courage to get there. In order for our people to reach their full potential, we had to remove the weak from our society. It was a long and difficult process. When it was over, our population was cut in half but what emerged from the ashes was unstoppable. By the time I was born, Viltrum was already the greatest empire in our galaxy. We decided to make it the only empire in our galaxy. Once I was old enough, I joined the war effort. It was hard, but I believe in our cause. Some species resisted, of course, but no one could withstand us for long. Soon, our empire encompassed thousands of planets, but as territory grew, our forces were stretched thin, and our expansion stopped. We needed a better, more efficient way to conquer worlds. Our most trusted officers were each given a planet to weaken by themselves. I was one of those lucky few. I couldn't tell your mother why I was here. But that time's come to an end, and now, we need to get Earth ready to join the Viltrum Empire.
~ Nolan to Mark, revealing the truth about Viltrum and his purpose on Earth in the TV Series.



  • Before the series' serialization, the character was originally named "Supra-Man", but Image Comics made the creators change the name due to it being similar to DC's superhero, Superman. Additionally, the character Immortal is the Invincible version of Superman.

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