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One Eye is the main protagonist from the graphic novel book, Dinosaurs vs Aliens.


He first appeared in the beginning of chapter 1. He killed a raptor and fought Rex (Another member of his kind). While the raptors distracted him, Rex stabs One eye with bone weapons. However One eye was able to get up and kill Rex.

It was confirmed he wanted to protect his territory from Scar's pack. One Eye was seen again coming to his nest with the dead dinosaur. He fed them and while he was watching them feast, he saw Scar. Scar's clan just continued their journey anyway.



One Eye is seen with strength. He was able to kill Rex with one bite.


He is fast for an adult Tyrannosaurus rex. He was able to dodge Rex's first attack.

Intelligence He is the most intelligent Tyrannosaurus rex in the novel. By the time Rex was distracted, One Eye knew it was his chance to strike. Durability One Eye was able to survive the attack with two deep cuts. He was able to get up very quickly, and for the rest of the novel he acted like nothing happened.


•He resembles both Speckles and One Eye.

•Speckles and One Eye (DVA) both lost all of their family members except their offspring. Both also have a son named junior.

•For One Eye (Speckles the Tarbosaurus) both of the one eye's lost their left eye from a battle.

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