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~ Onua to Turahk, Kurahk and Vorahk

Onua is the major hero and one of the main protagonists in the BIONICLE franchise. He is the Toa of Earth and also the member of the Toa Mata. Onua and the other Toa Mata were created for the purpose of awakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui from his coma and help defeat Makuta Teridax and other villains.

He was voiced by Scott McNeil in the animated show.


Onua was the toa of earth trained by the order of Mata Nui in G1 alongside his fellow toa mata comrades pohatu,Gail,Tahu,Kopaku,and Lewa. Onua was potrayed as one of the wisest and kindest members. he guared the earth tribe and foguht against the Makuta and his followers. He and the other toa would be upgraded into the toa nuva and would fight the borhok kai and the rakshi. Onua and the others would be captured by the priak before being saved by the toa inika and later gets an upgrade alongside his fellow toa


Onua is the most wisest Toa who was not reckless and impulsive unlike his friends. He chose to speak when it was necessary and was quite. However, he was very intelligent and good at solving puzzles and problems and was also very patient and understable of the value of waiting. He also knew that he and the other Toa Mata make mistakes but he allowed the situation to happen.


  • Onua is one of the rare characters in the original Bionicle series that appears in Bionicle's rebooted series 2015-2016, alongside Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, and Kopaka.
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