Oogumi is one of the secondary characters of Guity Crown and is a member of Funeral Parlor. He serves as one of the organization's fighters and fights the GHQ to liberate Japan from its authoritarian rule over the country.


Early life

Not much is known about his early life but he had been effected by what the GHQ was doing to Japan and joined the Funeral Parlor organization because of it. He became a member of Charlie Team and is seen during the first episode of the series.

Events of the series

Oogumi first appears in episode 1 where the GHQ has begun to kill people in a small nearvy ghetto and is clensingg them under he guise of terminating people who are infected with the apocalypse virus. He helps the Funeral Parlor Operatives in the area try to fight back and force the GHQ Forces out of the ghetto before everyone gets killed. In episode 3, he appears where he and a few other Undetakerr insurgents are in a decrepat building with rocket launchers ready to fire on GHQ turrents and other heavy weapons. He then helps Ayase Shinomiya train Shu Ouma and gives him one of his weapons but he falls over because it is too heavy for Shu. He then appears where he is trying to take a shipment of GHQ weapons when the Apocalypse Virus is released once more and he and Shibungi are separated from their group.


Following the outbreak, Oogumi and Shibungi are seen again wherw they are both tasked with locating Arisa Kuhouin from her high school. The two of them accept the assignment and go to the school only to get lost by chaos that ensued when the School's Secret Service srpung into action when another Funeral Parlor Member broke out. In episode 19 Oogumi is trying to help Haruka Ouma escape and he tries to kill GHQ Major Segai but he misses andgetss stabbed officially killing him.


Oogumi is very tall and buff as he is well built naturally and is always wearing his uniform with dark green colors on it and with the red FUneral Parlor logo on it.


He is usually very quite and loyal.


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