Ophelie is one of the two main protagonists of the literary series The Mirror Pass by the Belgian novelist Christelle Dabos. She is a reader living on Anima and married to Thorn

Powers and abilities

Animist powers: As an Animist, Ophelia has complete control over objects.

  • Psychometry: Ophelia can, by touching objects with her hands, read her past and know all the details. However, this power has its limits, it cannot read organic or raw matter, nor the distant past. This power explains why she constantly wears gloves woven with a material that can filter her power, otherwise she reads all the objects she touches.
    • Empathy: During her readings Ophelia can feel the emotions of the people who have touched the object she is reading.
  • Mirror crossing: Ophelia can cross mirrors to another place that contains a mirror. This power has its limits, she cannot go into a mirror too far away and she must be honest with itself.
  • Mental projection: Ophelia can bring any object to life and imbue it with her personality.
  • Telekinesis: Ophélie can control move of objects at will.

Later in the story

Psychic claws: After her marriage to Thorn, Ophélie gained the power to introduce illusions into people's nervous systems to cause them great pain or even to repel them violently; these illusions are called claws. She most often uses it unconsciously. 

Very enhanced memory: After her marriage to Thorn, Ophélie gained a much improved memory allowing her to feel the past of a writer, Eulalie Dilleux.

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