Ophanimon is Mega Level Digimon. She is alternate mega form of Gatomon. She is partner of Kari Kamiya. Her known attacks are Eden's Javelin and Sefirot Crystal.

In Digimon Frontier, She is one of the Celestial Digimon. Her rookie form is Salamon.

She voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.


Ophanimon is an angel with ten golden wings, clad in green armor and wielding a spear.

Digimon Frontier

Ophanimon is responsible for the preservation of love and life in the Digital World Operation: Free Ophanimon, as well as protecting the Spirits of Flame, Ice, and Thunder. When Cherubimon is corrupted by Lucemon, however, Seraphimon is defeated and sealed away in his castle at the Forest Terminal. Ophanimon's first directive to her DigiDestined is to awaken him, and they manage to succeed in doing so.


  • Ophanimon is only one to appear in Digimon Adventure (PSP) as Gatomon's Mega form.


Digimon Frontier

Digimon Adventure PSP

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