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Optimus Maximus(Combiner Wars)
Optimus Maximus is an Autobot combiner from the IDW portion of the Generation 1 continuity family. The mighty Optimus Maximus was Prowl's last-ditch attempt to protect the world of Caminus—and perhaps the entire galaxy—from Starscream's political machinations. Every Autobot involved in the combination process brings some of their own unique traits to the composite individual that is Optimus Maximus – the dependability of Ironhide, the strategic genius of Prowl, Mirage's cloaking powers, the courage of Optimus Prime and Sunstreaker's good looks.


After Prowl's first two attempts at stopping Starscream ended in his arrest, he fell back on his contingency plan: roping Rattrap into stealing the Enigma of Combination and delivering it to his cell—just as Ironhide, Mirage, and Sunstreaker arrived to meet with Optimus Prime. Although Optimus tried to stop Rattrap, he activated the Enigma. The five Autobots were exposed to its energy, merging them into a new, combined form. With Prowl in control, the new combiner headed through the unstable space bridge portal, vowing to end the conflict once and for all.

Inspired by a previous incident in which several Autobots combined together, Optimus Prime, Mirage, Sunstreaker, Ironhide and Prowl initiated the "Masquerade Project" in the late 1980s, modifying their transformation cogs to adopt new combiner modes. Though the process was imperfect and unstable, they managed to combine into Optimus Maximus and defeat Slugslinger during the battle for the Transform Super Cog. The combiner was then split apart when hit by an energy shockwave emitted by Megatron.

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