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Hero Overview

Fate rarely calls upon us at the moment of our choosing.
~ Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime, sometimes known as Nemesis Prime, is one of the main protagonists (alongside Sam Witwicky and Cade Yeager) of the live-action Transformers Cinematic Universe.

Originally a peaceful Cybertronian scientist and the very last Prime of the Dynasty, Optimus and his team of scientists were studying the mysterious Allspark until they were betrayed by their security unit, the Decepticons, and his twin brother who is now corrupted power hungry leader, Megatron. Naming his squad of scientists as the Autobots, he used his team to fight the tyrannical Decepticons in order to stop them from getting the Allspark's awesome power. He is based off his original incarnation with the same name.

He is voiced by Peter Cullen who also voiced the character in the original series.


Optimus Prime is kind, humble, caring, selfless, serious, highly intelligent, calculating and wise. He has a strong sense of justice, honor and good morals. On the battlefield, he is a great fighter, leader and tactician. He can be cold and ruthless towards his enemies, but he also has a sense of compassion for enemies who were turned from the right path.

Optimus is very mature, calm, level-headed and patient, as he rarely loses his temper. Despite humanity's primitive state compared to his own race, Optimus often defends them by arguing that he sees their potential to be better rather than focusing on their flaws (even if this faith experienced some knocks after humanity rejected the Autobots following the destruction of Chicago).

Optimus shows great love for humanity as he cares deeply for humans and made a vow to himself, along with the Autobots not to harm humans at all. He swore to protect the planet Earth from threat and the Decepticons at all cost, as he did not want the planet to have the same fate as his destroyed planet Cybertron did. However, after the Chicago war caused by Megatron and Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime shows no mercy on evil humans who attacked him such as the Cemetery Wind (the CIA black ops unit who secretly disobeyed the President and the governments' orders and despite of the Autobots are still the government's allies) as well killing their leader, Harold Attinger who allied with the Cybertronian mercenary, Lockdown and still protecting good humans who he indebted them such as Cade Yeager and his daughter, Tessa Yeager.

Like his fellow rebels; the Dinobots and the Guardian Knights, Optimus Prime hates his own creators so deeply that includes Quintessa and intend to kill her and her fellow creators because she sent Lockdown to retrieve him due to the destruction of Cybertron in Chicago war caused by Megatron.

When he was brainwashed and deceived by Quintessa, Optimus became merciless to kill anyone who stand in his way until returned to his original self with the help of Bumblebee after he somehow regained his voice that was torn by Megatron during the Great War.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cybertronian Physiology: As the last of the Primes, Optimus is one of the most, if not the most powerful Cybertronian, with seemingly only Megatron and Lockdown being on par. His powers and abilities include:
    • Cybertronian Strength: Optimus has immense superhuman strength, far superior to that of almost any non-Prime Cybertronian, with him even able to take down Shockwave with ease.
    • Cybertronian Speed: Optimus has considerable superhuman speed, superior to that of an average Cybertronian, as he was shown to outrun helicopters on foot, and to even outrun Sentinel Prime when the latter was in vehicle mode.
    • Cybertronian Durability: Optimus is extremely durable, practically immune to human weaponry, and usually sustaining only minimal damage while battling fellow Cybertronians. Indeed, the only way to truly slay Optimus (as Megatron temporarily did) is to pierce the spark in his chest, which only Megatron's Cybertronian blade was shown to be capable of doing.
    • Cybertronian Stamina: As a Cybertronian, Optimus does not require sustenance or sleep, being able to maintain physical activity for an unlimited period of time.
    • Cybertronian Healing: Optimus' body is composed of living transformium metal, which allows him to heal from serious wounds at superhuman rates, with the only known exception being a pierced spark (which is a fatal wound).
    • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Optimus is shown to be an exceptionally formidable hand-to-hand combatant. In fact, the only ones that have been able to defeat him in combat are, Megatron, Lockdown, and Sentinel Prime (though most of Megatron's victories were only because Optimus had already been worn down after prolonged prior fighting, while Megatron entered the battle fairly fresh).
    • Master Swordsman: Optimus is shown to be an immensely formidable swordsman, as he was able to down Bonecrusher, the Fallen and even Lockdown with his sword.
    • Master Axe Combatant: While Optimus usually favors swords or bare hands, he is shown to be highly proficient in wielding his battle axe, with him taking down Megatron and Sentinel Prime with one.
    • Master Marksman: Although he prefers hand-to-hand combat, Optimus is extremely proficient in the use of firearms, as he is shown to aim his weapons at any Decepticon or even the Control Pillar with Shockwave's gun directly without missing.
    • Expert Driver: Optimus is shown to be a highly skilled driver in vehicle mode, with him notably able to do a swift u-turn while driving at high speed, and able to rapidly transform in mid-air, even with a trailer attached to him.
    • Gifted Intelligence: Optimus Prime, due to being an alien from the highly advanced planet Cybertron, and due to being many centuries old, is highly intelligent.
      • Master Tactician: Optimus' exceptional tactical skills are displayed when he leads the Autobots into battle.
      • Master Leader: Optimus is shown to be an excellent leader, with his fellow Autobots always obeying his orders in battle.
    • Master flyer: When in robot and flight modes, he is good at flying as demonstrated starting from Revenge of the Fallen to The Last Knight.
    • Invincibility: Optimus Prime has the Matrix of Leadership inside of his chest. As long as it stay there, Optimus Prime has invincibility to survive even Lockdown impaled Optimus' own Judgement Sword through his chest from the Fourth Movie.
    • Transformation: In first to third movie, Optimus Prime transform into a blue and red flamed 379 Peterbilt truck. In Initial fourth movie, he transform into a rusty Marmon 97 semi truck. In fourth and fifth movie, Optimus Prime transform into Western Star 5700 XE semi-trailer truck.


  • Sword of Judgment: Optimus received this (along with his shield) in Transformers: Age of Extinction. This sword became his primary weapon to fight his enemies. This sword was used against him in his battle with Lockdown but he later killed Lockdown with this sword. Later in the next movie Optimus used this to battle Bumblebee when he was brainwashed by Quintessa. Later on he used this to cut off Megatron's arm but Megatron brough him down and almost used it to kill Optimus before he got kicked out of the lair. Literally.


  • AllSpark: Optimus could be slain if the AllSpark was placed into his chest, much the same way Megatron was (though notably not permanently).
    • Damaged Spark: Optimus was temporarily slain by Megatron when the latter pierced his chest and the spark within it.
  • Body Part severed: Like humans, Optimus would suffered damage when his own body part torn off cause his energon to leak as when Sentinel Prime cut off his arm with his blade in third movie and being damaged by Cemetery Wind and Lockdown, caused his ear fall off in the fourth movie.
  • Stasis Lock: After being damaged by Lockdown and the Cemetery Wind, Optimus remained into stasis lock until he was awoken and helped by Cade Yeager. On his quest to find and kill his creators in space, Optimus also remained in stasis and floating in space until he was awakened after crash landed on Cybertron.
  • Quintessa's Brainwashing: Optimus, due to having possibly been created by Quintessa, was vulnerable to her brainwashing, with her thus forcibly converting him into the ruthless and malevolent persona of "Nemesis Prime." Only when hearing Bumblebee's voice again made Optimus snap out and regain his original heroic persona.


We've learned Earth's languages through the World Wide Web.
~ Optimus to Sam about how they can speak humans' languages.
We are here looking for the Allspark and we must find it before Megatron
~ Optimus to Mikaela about why they came to Earth.
At the end of this day, One shall stand. One shall fall.
~ Optimus Prime to Megatron.
You left me no choice, brother.
~ Optimus to Megatron after Sam killed him with the Allspark.
Sam... Run... Ru...
~ Optimus words after killed by Megatron.
Boy. You returned for me.
~ Optimus to Sam after revived with Matrix of Leadership.
Let's roll!
~ Optimus after merged with Jetfire.
They were your brothers too!
~ Optimus to The Fallen.
You picked the wrong planet!
~ Optimus to the Fallen when stealing his staff.
Give me your face.....
~ Optimus to The Fallen as he impaled The Fallen with his own staff.
I rise! You fall!
~ Optimus after killing The Fallen.
Thank you, Sam. For saving my life.
~ Optimus to Sam.
~ Optimus killing Shockwave.
Time to find out.
~ Optimus before killing Megatron.
~ Optimus ambushing the Cemetery Wind.
Cade! They're going to kill you! Get out of here!
~ Optimus to Cade while escaping from Lockdown and the Cemetery Wind.
My deepest sympathies for the loss of your friend. Stay here till I'm sure we weren't followed. We are all targets now.
~ Optimus to Cade, Tessa and Shane about Lucas' death.
I have sworn to never kill humans. Big mistake. But when I find out who's behind this, he's going to die.
~ Optimus seeking revenge, even though the perpetrator is human.
They slaughtered Ratchet! I'm gonna tear them apart!
~ Optimus loses his temper when he finds out that Ratchet is dead.
Honor to the end
~ Optimus to Cade after killing Lockdown.
~ Optimus Prime to Megatron before kicked him after reminded they are brothers.
Quintessa! Get off our planet!
~ Optimus to Quintessa.


  • Optimus Prime is voiced by his original voice actor, Peter Cullen since the Generation One series. With his reception warmly received by fans and critics alike, he continues to voice the character from now on.
  • Optimus Prime both voice actor Winnie the Pooh, In English he is voiced by Peter Cullen who also voiced Eeyore, and in Japanese dub he is voiced by Tesshō Genda who also voiced Tigger.


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