Somehow, he always does. OK, I'm sending through the squad car's location. Be careful. It's not looking good out there.
~ Oracle

Barbara Gordon-Drake, codenamed Oracle, formerly Batgirl, is one of the tritagonists of the Batman: Arkham series. She is the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon who was forbidden from her overprotective father from joining the Gotham City Police Department. Instead, she became the heroic sidekick Batgirl and fought crime for years, until Joker shot her through the spine, ending her career as Batgirl but starting the career of Oracle.

Oracle now aids the Dark Knight with her computer expertise, providing Batman with a constant stream of information in the field to aid his war against crime. During the events at Christmas Eve, she first meets Batman in the GCPD building and manages to get him to eliminate Penguin's weapon caches.

During the events of Arkham Asylum, she provides Batman many information on the Island as well as using her hacking skills to hack into Dr. Young's Email and finds out by their dealings. Although during these events, Oracle wasn't capable of getting Killer Croc's lair on the map.

In Arkham City, she soon gets into contact into Batman after he defeats the waves of thugs in Penguin's Museam. She yet again provides the masked protector with information including details on Professor Hugo Strange's Protocol 10. After Joker's death and 2 weeks pass where's been missen, Oracle sends in Robin to find out what happened but becomes successful as the captured police are saved, Batman is saved and Harley Quinn has been defeated.


  • "His out there catching the criminals that you let walk free!"
  • "The system is broken!"
  • "That's it! We did it! Well-you did most of it, but I helped, right? I think we made a pretty good team. So..if you're ever, like, I don't know...looking for some kind of partner...I'm here for ya! Anyway-I'll let you get back to kicking ass and keeping us safe! And you'll see-one day my father's gonna figure out just how cool I already know you are!"
  • "A Batcave? On Arkham Island!? How'd you managed to keep this a secret?"
  • "So, do you think Dr. Young's been experimenting with Venom, the same chemical that turns Bane into that animal?"
  • "There's nothing on record Bruce, are you sure about this? It sounds like a suicidal mission."
  • "Dad! Thank god. I was so worried!"
  • "His got what!? How did he get TITAN off Arkham Island? What's going on here your suits bio readings are spiking."
  • "You sound just like him."


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