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Orbie is the second protagonist of the show Katie & Orbie. He is a young alien who fled home after it was destroyed by pollution. Katie is his best friend.

Orbie is part of a species that has pink skin and is covered with red dots. Orbie, being a young member of his species, tends to speak in gibberish. His eyes are rather comical, like Daffy Duck's eyes from Looney Tunes. Orbie tends to wear no clothing, but will use appropriate clothing depending on his environment.

Heroic Actions

  • Yee Ping's Appendix: When Yee Ping got appendicitis, both he and Katie called the Ping family for help. Later, they sent "Get well soon" cards as she gets help.
  • Katie's New Life: Attempted to come to Katie's defense when Carmichael said that she could not play in their tent. Later, after she accidentally destroys the tent in an attempt to get even, he apologized that Carmichael had not been nice.
  • Taught Arthur to get someone's attention politely after the latter slapped Katie in his attempt to ask her if he could borrow a toy car.
  • Aided Katie when she gets sick.



  • Katie (best friend and adoptive sister)
  • Katie's Parents (adoptive parents)
  • Arthur (friend)