The Orbitons are an intergalactic Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are yellow-green, white, and gold in color, with additional red blinking lights.


The Orbitons are all geared up to explore space. The only problem is, they are a little bit clumsy and don’t always know how to control their equipment.


  • Niksput:The fearless, but slow-minded leader.
  • Nurp-Naut:The one with a split personality; one baby, one elder.
  • Rokit:The soldier of the group.

Mixopolis Middle School students

Astroy:A background Orbiton.


  • Their leader is Niksput.
  • Like the Infernites, Frosticons, Glorp Corp, Klinkers and Weldos, they are the primary tribe of their series.
  • The tribe is the only one without a color scheme of only one color, or different shades of one.
  • They are the first tribe with red highlights, the second being the Weldos.
  • They are the second Mixel tribe to have gold highlights, the first being the Cragsters and the third being the Klinkers.
  • They all have an asymmetrical design.
  • All members of this tribe have different eye pieces.

Their main territory is space, which is obvious firsthand, given their theme.

  • They use the term "planetoids" to refer to non-moon Mixels.
  • Their food choices are very spicy, possibly due to the fact that in reality, taste buds are dulled in outer space.
  • Their names all end in the letter "T".
  • Their name is often mistaken as Orbitrons or Orbitronz. Originally, their name was to be spelled Orbitonz.
  • They all have similarities to Magnifo. This is because Nurp-Naut has the same underbite, Rokit has laser guns, which resemble his wands, and Niksput has a unique body part on his head, like how Magnifo has a hat.
  • They all have a helmet on their heads. Niksput and Nurp-Naut's helmets contain their eyes, while Rokit's helmet does not (thus his being more like a dome). *Niksput's helmet is the smallest while Nurp-Naut's is the largest.
  • All of them have a different number of eyes: Niksput has one, Rokit has two, and Nurp-Naut has three.
  • They all have an underbite.
  • They all have some sort of jetpack on their backs.
  • All three have the ability to levitate and are rarely seen on the ground (an example being after Rokit's head blew up from eating the Crater Tots with Rokit Sauce). Their jetpacks may only be there to help give them a faster boost in the air.
  • The shortest member is Nurp-Naut and the tallest is Niksput.
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