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Orbulon is an alien employee working for warioware. inc. who once attemped to take over the world,but after his UFO crashed in Diamond City he decide to settle down and live there peacefully,there he soon became friend with Wario and joined his company He is also very intelligent with an IQ level of 300,but despite this he still has trouble learning english.

WarioWare Mega MicroGames.Inc

In space,a meteor crashes into Orbulon's ship, the oinker. He calls for S.O.S to this fellow Alien Bunnies. Their ship snds down an elevator on the oinker and Orbulon rides it. When Orbulon reaches the top, he vows to take over, but one of the alien bunnies pull the switch, sending him back down to the oinker, which crash lands into Earth.

WarioWare. Inc Mega Party Games

Orbulon can be a playable character in game, and his game type is IQ His game is all for one, a game where players work together instead of fighting. In the game, the power went out, so while one is playing minigames, the other players have flashilights to help.

WarioWare Touched

Sometimes,the player could tap on his ship to get stuff for the Toy Box. He does not have a stage in-game though,but he does appear in Ashley's stage.

WarioWare Smooth Moves

When the player has beaten the game, they would unlock his stage. Unlike just playing with the Wii Remote, the player would also have to use the Nunchuk. In the game, Orbulon crashes his ship, and lands into the temple of form. When he gets the Nunchuk from a stand, the temple begins to rise At the end, he learns his lesson from the guardians of the temple.

WarioWare D.I.Y

He does not make an appearence in the Wii version,but in the DS version, he does.He accidentally lands on a rocket ship, and freaks out. The news reporter doesn't know what he is tough.

Game & Wario

Orbulon's minigame is Sketch. See the main article if you want to learn more!

WarioWare Gold

Using his oinker, Orbulon goes to the gigantaburger drive-thru to order some chilly fries,a chili shake and 10 gigantaburgers. However,the gigantaburgers are sold out, so Orbulon seeks out to get some pigs so they can make more. However,Danny the person working the drive-thru, says thet he can't make any gigantaburgers,so orbulon takes off with the pigs.

Size Dispute

orbulon was tiny in warioware. inc mega microgame$!. however in warioware twisted and all the other games he wasn't too small. in fact,he was the same size of ashley.



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