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Understand something, Takanuva. We are in a war. Maybe we have been since the day the Brotherhood struck down Mata Nui. And in war, you don't always get to choose your allies or test them first to make sure they are pure enough. I would recruit Dark Hunters and Pit prisoners if I thought it would bring the Makuta down.
~ Helryx to Takanuva.

The Order of Mata Nui is the organization who dedicated of serving the will of the Great Spirit and the major protagonist faction in the BIONICLE series. It was founded by Mata Nui who became the original leader, though he was later replaced by Toa Helryx as the second leader following his defeat in the hands of Makuta Teridax. Their goal was to protect the Matoran from various threats and defeat the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Several Order members are once the former members of the Hand of Artahka before its disbandment while some were former members of their enemies.


Following the disbandment of the Hand of Artakha, the members began to scatter across the Matoran Universe as the Toa took over the organization as the new protectors of the universe. One of the member, Helryx, felt the need of the new organization to maintain the balance of the universe.

One day, she was approached by the being called Mata Nui who offered his help to her to form the Order of Mata Nui, the organization which was named after him. Together, the two formed the Order and began to recruit members from all over the universe and create the rule that no other Toa could join the organization.

The Order began to maintain the balance of the universe alongside the Brotherhood of Makuta and the other Toa. One of their actions was experimenting on Ehlek's species and modifying them with weapons and also tasked Botar of sending the unredeemable villains to the Pit. They also assisted the Brotherhood and the Toa Mangai to defeat the League of Six Kingdoms who were led by the Barraki.

The Order later showed up in the island of Artakha and helped Artakha and the denizens to repel the Brotherhood's attack. Despite their efforts, the Order was defeated when Mata Nui was defeated by Makuta Teridax who proceeds to steal the Kanohi Avohkii. Despite that, Helryx took over as the new leader of the Order as Mata Nui's spirit fused with the Great Spirit Robot.

Later, they involved with the Time Slip as they relocated the disguised Av-Matoran to various places in order to protect them from the Makuta after they became corrupted. They then went into hiding in order to wait for their time to defeat the Brotherhood.

Destiny War

The following weeks after Matoro sacrificed himself to revive Mata Nui from his death,