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Orel Puppington is the eponymous protagonist of the adult stop-motion animated series Moral Orel.

He was voiced by Carolyn Lawrence who also voiced Sandy Cheeks and Cindy Vortex.


Orel is the eldest son of Clay and Bloberta Puppington who has a younger brother named Shapey. For the most part, Orel was initially an innocent 12-year-old who was a devout Christian. Whenever he and his family would attend church, Orel would misinterpret what his reverend Putty would say, thus comedy ensues. In the pilot for the series, Orel resurrects his friend Doughy Latchkey's deceased grandfather with the Necronomicon. As a result, zombies befall the town of Moralton, killing dozens of civilians and resulting in more zombies being created. With every instance, Orel would receive a lesson from his father. Despite this, Orel is truly understood to be well-intentioned.

Orel's good nature would be tested in the finale of season 2 "Nature" where his father decides to take him on a hunting trip. However, because of Orel's refusal to kill any of the animals they came across, Clay began to become more intoxicated until Orel held onto his gun for protection only to accidentally set it off coming a hair shy of shooting his father. Enraged, Clay takes his gun and shoots Orel in the leg and to add insult onto injury, he then drank the rubbing alcohol and collapsed into a coma. While he was unconscious, a grizzly bear approached them forcing Orel to shoot it to death to save himself and his father. Orel is taken to the hospital, but was to have a permanent limp because of his father's refusal to take him to get his leg treated.

In season 3, Orel became aware of the corruption resonating in the town of Moralton, but ultimately, he is able to overcome the darkness and stops the cycle of abuse started by his father. The series finale "Honor" sees Orel being a loving husband and father who still had a photo of his parents in spite of their neglect of him.


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