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Ori is the main protagonist of the Ori video game series. He is a small white spirit who was tasked with protecting the forest of Nibel

Physical Appearance

Ori resembles a small white humanoid, apparently just a few feet tall. His eyes are dark blue and his physical form appears bestial. A faint glow emanates from him.


Ori and the Blind Forest

In the first game, a creature named Naru finds Ori, taking him as her foster son after a storm's winds threw him from a powerful tree called the Spirit Tree. They have fun together, but eventually, she dies due to starvation after something disturbs the forest of Nibel. Now on his own, Ori dies but is resurrected by the tree's power. He later meets a light spirit called Sein, and she tasks him with finding the three elements of supporting the balance in the dying forest: Waters, Winds, and Warmth.

Ori and his new spirit companion later find two beings in their quest. The first, Gumo, is the last survivor of the spider-like Gumon clan, which was destroyed by the forest's cataclysm, and whose home supports the Wind element. The other, Kuro, is a giant, shadowy owl who quickly becomes one of Ori's enemies.

Gumo at first takes the key to the Waters element, but he relinquishes his grip on it after Ori saves him from a rockslide. Upon rekindling the Winds element, Ori learns why Kuro had become his foe: after he fell from his spot within the spirit tree, the Spirit tree unleashed a light flash to look for his whereabouts. Kuro lost her children to the light flash while she was out looking for food. When Kuro attacked the tree in retaliation, Sein, who turned out to be the Spirit Tree's source of power, was kidnapped in the onslaught. Since it had none of her power remaining to convert into its own, the tree could not sustain the three elements, and Nibel started dying. Gumo overhears Ori's intentions to restore the forest and revives Naru, taking her to where Ori is now.

Ori and his companion eventually restore Warmth to the volcano, Mount Horu, at which point Kuro attacks. Naru arrives to protect Ori from Kuro, who softens as she remembers the pain of losing her children. Kuro then takes Sein back to the Spirit Tree, dying as it emits a flash of light. The forest begins to flourish once more as Ori watches more of his kind being born in the field at the foot of the Spirit Tree. Gumo and Naru watch together from afar, before the latter goes home, where Kuro's last egg now rests, just in time to see it hatch.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

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