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Origa is a major antagonist turned major protagonist in Dragalia Lost. Initially serving as the main antagonist of the Satan Revival arc, she finds redemption at the end of the Faith Forsaken. Later on, she joins the party in Advent of the Origin as the fifth Auspex.


Origa has red eyes, blue hair, butterfly-like wings, and wears a black and white dress. She also has a blue tongue in her adventurer picture and sharp, shark-like teeth.


The Auspex and pope of the Northern Church. She plotted to revive Satan in order to fight the Progenitor, but her soul was imprisoned by the Demonlord and both were sealed away. Now freed, she aids the Prince to atone for her deeds.


Adventurer Story

Origa's soul is sealed away with Satan, but soon she finds herself in a an alternate version of her world and is woken by Regina. In this world, Grams and New Alberia are discussing peace talks, with the Apostles helping to hunt down the Agito and the Dyrenell empire merging with New Alberia. She notes how happy everybody looks and goes on her way, but is captured by Templars claiming she is responsible for corruption. She is executed but awakens again in the exact same room she first woke up in but by Regina.

Origa is executed over and over again, never able to escape the Templars so on the ninth iteration, she warns Regina about the Templars and they capture them. After an interrogation, they realise Graht is the one responsible for the events and arrest him, but just as they are heading back, an assassin arrives and kills Regina. Zena and Origa escape while the party deals with the assassin, but when they think they are safe, the assassin appears, revealing he has killed everyone and kills them both.

Origa accepts her fate and decides to let herself die over and over again, but on one of the iterations, she sees a little girl whose cat fell into the waterways. Rescuing it, she notices something strange when the girl remarks the waterways are unknown to many people, but remembers when she and Zena escaped the assassin, they went through the waterways. Later on, when she talks to Regina, she realises something: somebody was manipulating the events of this world. So, Origa allows herself to be executed repeatedly again until on the 44th iteration, when the templar is about to execute her, he remarks that they should assess the true gravity of her crimes. Origa takes the time to reveal to them the truth of their world: they are but chess pieces being manipulated by a higher being, deducing it as the entire world was perfect to Origa except for the fact no matter what she did, she'd always die, as if the world was specifically made to torture her.

Revealing himself as the creator of the fake world, Satan appears and congratulates Origa on her deduction and reveals his motive: as they are both sealed in the Otherworld by the Sacred Shard, he does not have the strength to break it himself and hoped by causing Origa to lose her will, he could merge with her soul and using her Auspex abilities, break the seal and free himself. However, as his plan didn't work, he decides to kill her and take the powers for himself. He tortures Origa and repeatedly mocks her for her goodwill, telling her that no matter what she does, nothing will change the fact she is guilty. Origa realises that the false world is a dream and Satan is limited to being simply in her mind for now, so mustering her willpower, she summons the power of purity and weakens the Demonlord so greatly she manages to absorb him.

From there, Origa in Satan's form drifts across time and space for a while until they are freed by Euden and Regina.

Advent of the Origin

As Xenos has recently been revived, Euden rallies together the Auspexes but Ilia realises they're missing one: Origa, so Euden and the party head back to the Halidom where Origa's body is held. They receive reports that Origa's body is returning to normal, implying she broke Satan's curse, so the party prepares to go into Origa's mind and defeat Satan once and for all. Nedrick sends them into her consciousness using his faerie magic and they go into her mind.

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