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Orion is a character in Beast Complex. She is the deuteragonist of the tenth chapter. She was a milkmaid. She is a kangaroo. Her debut in Beast Complex is Chapter 10.


Orion is a young, medium height kangaroo with a slim build. Being an albino kangaroo, her fur is completely white, except for some spots located on her crotch that resembles the constellation Orion. Her radiant eyes are without pupils and she has long eyelashes. She has long, rounded ears and a large tail. Her entire wardrobe is all-white. She wears a long-sleeved sweater over a medium-length dress with ruffles at the neck, and flats. Her work attire consists of a blouse under an apron, pants and a cap.


Orion has a completely dull and indifferent attitude towards her surroundings. She resigns herself only to supporting her social position and living functionally within District 0 and to not be thrown into the outside world that she has been told her whole life to be scary. After a terrifying experience which she was able to easily overcome, she gained the courage to happily venture out into the outside world with Ebisu.

Heroic Acts

  • She defeats the feline that was holding Ebisu with a single kick.
  • She saves Ebisu from being kiddnapped.


  • The name Orion is a nickname earned in District 0, so her real name is unknown.
  • The fact Ebisu could see her spots could indicate that Orion was not wearing underwear at the time or that she did not hide her spots from him.
  • Her and Ebisu's relationship is hinted to be romantic like Legoshi and Haru's relationship and Tem and Els's relationship.