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Oracle "Orko" is a character that appears in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

He was created by Filmation to provide comic relief in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series. Owing to the popularity of the series and the character, Mattel later produced an Orko action figure, and he has had a major role in the franchise ever since.

He is voiced by Lou Scheimer.


Orko has greater power than he even knows himself. He has more power and better control over magic when he has his wand. He is known to lift giant statues made of stone with only a small spell. He is often seen with Cringer, one of his best friends. Orko brings a sense of comic relief. However, he is still brave and has saved He-Man and Castle Grayskull on several occasions. He is a Trollan, his home planet is known as Trolla. Trollans wear red robes and hide there faces, showing there face is seen as a special occasion, much as kissing with people. He revealed his face to Dreela on the animated show. Orko's form was shown in shadow, so the audience never saw his face.


During the the time that Skeletor had taken over Eternia, Orko discovered that Skeletor had the Skull of Power, and tried to destroy it, but sadly Orko's spell backfired. Orko got blasted by the full force of evil inside the skull. Orko absorbed the worst of the skull and it unlocked his mental barriers, gaining him undreamed of power. This came at the cost of his humanity, and made him a "Mad God."

Then when when Skeletor was defeated by He-Man, Dark Orko used his power to transport Skeletor to Trolla, Orko's home dimension. There Dark Orko had transformed the Trollains into monsters and he used his power to transform Skeletor into something more powerful, and sent him to Earth. There Dark Orko commanded Skeletor to siphon Earth's magic and funnel it to him on Trolla. Skeletor obeyed, and when He-Man, Teela and Evil-Lyn show up, Dark Orko kidnaps Superman, traps him on Trolla, and replaces him with a copy, that He-Man accidentally kills, thus turning the heroes of Earth against the Masters of the Universe.

While the Masters fight the heroes of Earth, Dark Orko tortures Superman on Trolla, but when He-Man arrives on Trolla, Dark Orko turns to Skeletor for help, but Skeletor turns on Dark Orko, pulling the wizard off Trolla on to Earth. There Dark Orko battles the heroes of Earth and the Masters of the Universe. Then when Superman and He-Man destroys the Skull of Power, Skeletor attacks Dark Orko and John Constantine, banishes them both, to places unknown.


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