Notable Quotes

  • (To Touma, Volume 7): "The power of the grimoires has never brought forth any happiness to anyone."
  • (To Agnese, ibid): "...I can no longer run away from you people. According to your plan... I’ll be sentenced for a false crime... and buried in darkness... but I don’t care... I can’t lie to myself any longer... and can’t even lie to those friends of mine who never asked for anything in return… I don’t want to... be seen as one of you."
  • (To Touma, Volume 11): "It’s not about eliminating who’s bad; everyone has their own characteristics. You have a bad impression of the Roman Catholics, and actually, I also had…I didn’t believe in my Amakusa friends in the past, thus I caused quite a lot of trouble for everyone."
  • (To Agnese, ibid): "In actual conclusion, I don’t know the answer. I’m still undergoing nun training. I have no confidence about myself, always thinking that I know what’s right and what’s wrong, or have wisdom and conscience to decide this for others, and for myself."
  • (To Sasha, Volume SS1): "Do you understand the meaning of the small power we have? That small power allows us to continue forward without giving in when faced with a dispute that seems inescapable or it seems inevitable a life will be taken. That power gives us the opportunity to save the future of our allies, to not have to deprive our enemy of their future, and to all gather here in a single building afterwards. ...He had no power and ‘he’ did not have the proper background, but he was able to do it. So why are we not able to? If he can save so many people on his own, just think how many more we can save if we work together. There is no meaning in giving up. If you want to find meaning, it is crucial that you never give up."
  • (To Sasha, ibid): "Do not place the decision on me alone. Everyone has their own things that they must do. But... I personally do not at all see this in black and white terms of winning and losing. There is a third option. If we do not prepare the kind of happy ending where no one is defeated, we will not be living up to what ‘he’ would want."
  • (To Kaori, ibid): "The road to maturity is not an easy one. It’s simple enough to want to understand the teachings of the Lord, but truly understanding that path is extremely difficult. In fact, I feel that I said something rather immature before."
  • (To Sherry, Volume 18): "Wiping away your regrets and denying the dead are not the same thing. I do not think it is right to cut yourself off from your past. There is no reason that people who treasure their memories of the dead have no right to have a new life and construct a new house."
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