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You dealin' with a white blood cell here!
~ Osmosis Jones.
You want Osmosis? You got Osmosis!
~ Ozzy's catchphrase.
Just as long as it doesn't hit 108 degrees, or Frank's daughter's an orphan!
~ Ozzy fears for Shane's well-being if Frank bites it.

Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones is the titular main protagonist of the 2001 film of the same name and one of the two titular protagonists of its spin-off TV series Ozzy & Drix.

Despite being a police officer, he doesn't seem to have much respect for authority. His best friend's Drix and he has a crush on the mayor's secretary Leah Estrogen. He is funny and adventure-seeking. Ozzy will anything to keep Frank in shape, even if it means stopping Thrax.

He was voiced by Chris Rock in the film, who later voiced Marty and was voiced by Phil LaMarr in the TV series who also voices Marty in the Madagascar video games, Samurai Jack, Static Shock, Wilt, and John Stewart/Green Lantern.


Ozzy's a baby-blue white blood cell. He wears a white t-shirt with a grayish-brown jacket, black pants, and black shoes.


Ozzy's an adventurous, resourceful, rebellious, carefree, inept, and funny white-blood cell who tries to keep Frank DeTorre healthy.

When he sees Leah, he gets all flirty and tries to impress her. Ozzy can be very kind to his friends and he always knows what's right. Ozzy's also very brave when confronts Thrax two times.


Ozzy's first seen when the movie enters into Frank's body for the first time through Frank's mouth as he eats the hard-boiled egg that had just been in the mouth of a chimpanzee and in the filth of the floor of its habitat that he was about to eat earlier before Shane distracting him allowed the chimpanzee to grab it and pop it into its mouth, forcing Frank to struggle with it before it coughed it up. He's seen on Mouth Patrol in a helicopter reading a magazine called DNA which is a knock off of Playboy magazines.

Soon, while in the helicopter, the pilot spots a group of germs that they believed that were Gingivitis. He orders them to stop and wait to be digested and thus properly immigrated into Frank's body, but they manage to hijack a SPIT squad car and were chased and shot at by Ozzy, but were sucked into Frank's windpipe by a yawn. Ozzy quickly calls dispatch to warn them, and when the hijacked patrol car lands on one of the bloodstream highways, it is not long before a pair of regular FPD cruisers join the pursuit as Ozzy is ordered over the radio by his Chief to wait for backup while the pilot believes they are out of their jurisdiction and need to return to the mouth.

Then Ozzy jumps out of the helicopter to go after the germs, but he only manages to get the smallest out of the group, who was driving while the others fell out when the patrol car landed hard earlier. The pursuing cruisers catch up and the officers have a little fun teasing Ozzy, but when the germ bites on Ozzy's hand and forces him to let go, the cruisers are forced to swerve to avoid Ozzy and one wrecks into a billboard. Despite having been told to stay out of the chase, Ozzy follows the germ and accidentally triggers a cramp in Frank's right leg when his shot curves to the right of his target and sets off the main nerve receptor.

Back in the mouth, some spit cells are still breaking down the egg when a Virus named Thrax appears and after burning the spit cells and their boat, triggers a sore throat.

Then Ozzy's chewed out by the Chief for his earlier violation of orders upon returning to the Third Precinct to find the germ he was chasing was already arrested, along with the injured officers he caused to wreck earlier. After that, the Chief assigns Ozzy to investigate the throat on the condition that he works with a cold pill named Drix. Ozzy heads to the stomach, where Drix is due to arrive, and runs into his girlfriend, Leah Estrogen, the secretary to Mayor Phlegmming, and they both welcome Drix to the City of Frank before Drix and Ozzy head to the throat to deal with the inflammation there with the firefighting antibodies, including Ozzy's pal Doug, though Ozzy complains initially when Drix climbs into his car, fearing he was ruining it because of how he was stretching the membrane to get in.

At the throat, Ozzy encounters a Spanish Germ who saw Thrax's earlier attack and he refers to him as "The Red Death" (La Muerte Rojo) before being accidentally frozen by Drix.

Then Ozzy and Drix head to the nose where, after Frank sneezes, Thrax and the germs create a stuffy nose to make it seem like Frank's condition's the common cold.

Back at Mayor Phlegmming's office, Ozzy tries to inform him that a virus is in the body, but then he's threatened to be sent down the next nosebleed if he can't keep quiet. Mayor Phlegmming offers to reassign Drix to another partner, but Drix decides to stay with Ozzy.

While heading to the liver, Drix asks Ozzy why Mayor Phlegmming said Ozzy had a record. Ozzy explains that two years ago, Frank was at the science fair of Shane's school and ate some potentially rotten oysters off a random kid's science project.

When Ozzy was in the stomach on routine patrol, he saw some threatening bacteria coming from the oysters, including a nasty-looking virus. Believing he had no time to call for backup or ask questions, Ozzy hit the "puke" button in a split-second decision, causing Frank to throw up all over Mrs. Boyd, one of Shane's teachers. As a result of this, while Frank's life was saved by the bacteria being forcibly expelled from his body in this way, Frank lost his job at a pea soup factory when a photo of him barfing on Mrs. Boyd ended up on the local newspaper, enraging his supervisor, and making him became the town's laughing stock, forcing his brother Bob to get him a replacement job at the local zoo. Then Mrs. Boyd issued a 200-yard restraining order against Frank to avoid something like that happening again due to the massive humiliation it caused her and her children, while Ozzy got suspended for what the mayor felt like was "use of unnecessary force" and then he placed him on out-of-the-way patrols ever since. He wonders if he did the right thing since that day.

Then Drix says that he feels Ozzy was justified in his decision because oysters are a known as a breeding ground for any number of dangerous bacteria, to which Ozzy stated that they are, and he never thought that Drix would stand up for him, to which Drix never thought he'd be right.

At the liver, a Flu Shot informs them that Thrax's big time and that he's currently in The Zit Club, a hangout for all the germs in the body. Once there, Ozzy disguises himself as a germ and then he discovers that Thrax plans to invade the Hypothalamus and heat up Frank's body, killing him in 48 hours with a fatal fever and getting him a chapter in medical books, since each of his previous victims have died faster than the last:

  • His first victim was a little girl in Riverside, California who didn't like washing her hands. Took him three weeks to kill her.
  • His second victim was a nice lady in Detroit, Michigan. Killed her in six days.
  • His third victim was an old guy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Killed him in three days/72 hours.

Then Ozzy's exposed and a fight breaks out. Drix tries loading a freezing grenade into his arm, but it gets stuck, so Ozzy takes it and throws it at Thrax, causing The Zit Club to explode off of Frank's forehead.

Meanwhile, Frank's trying to get Mrs. Boyd to lift the restraining order so he can join Shane on a dad and daughter hike, but The Zit Club pops onto her bottom lip, making her refusal official as she angrily orders Frank out of the school before she calls the police on him for violating the restraining order.

When Ozzy returns to the Third Precinct, Mayor Phlegmming berates him for popping The Zit Club without an official permit. Then Ozzy and Drix tell him that if they hadn't done it, Frank's whole body would be destroyed. Mayor Phlegmming tells Ozzy to be careful of what he says as that kind of talk would cause a panic (in addition to reducing his chances of not getting re-elected). When Ozzy argues that it would make the citizens think more about the body's health than the chicken wing trip to Buffalo, in a fit of anger to protect his job, no matter the cost, Mayor Phlegmming fires him, refusing to let anything come between his re-election and, unknowingly, pushing Frank closer to death with his poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Heartbroken at losing his job after doing something he believed saved Frank's life, Ozzy tosses his gun and badge on the Chief's desk before departing in grief, much to the concern of Leah, Drix, and the Chief.

When Drix defends Ozzy by saying Frank would've been in mortal danger if not for Ozzy's intervention, Mayor Phlegmming tells him to leave the body since his abilities are temporary and therefore keep him from proving the truth.

What they didn't know, was that Thrax survived the explosion and, after killing off his remaining henchmen for suggesting that they incubate, which would mean Thrax would miss his deadline, he decides to launch a lone assault on the Hypothalamus by disabling its self-regulative capabilities.

Arriving there, Thrax uses his long claw on his left hand to destroy the protoplasmic barrier around the gland and retrieve a DNA bead, causing the body to slowly start overheating as the temperature begins to climb from a normal 98.6 degrees to a fatal 108 degrees.

Soon after, Leah discovers his work and alerts security, after Phlegmming ignored the warnings and refused to believe Ozzy was right, forcing Leah to confront him for his lack of empathy, caring more about staying Mayor than all their lives, which are possibly in mortal danger, and he doesn't give a care about it at all.

Thrax manages to evade them, taking Leah hostage and escapes from the brain to the mouth, despite attempts by the FPD to stop him as they pursue him through the body, but he manages to outsmart the pursuing cruisers.

At the same time, Ozzy, in a movie theater showing dreams from the brain, discovers that Thrax's alive in the brain when the movie screen turns a feverish red and the dream becomes a nightmare.

Then Ozzy rushes to stop Drix from leaving the body via the bladder and manages to convince him to help stop Thrax once and for all. Meanwhile, Frank's temperature continues to rise, causing chaos and destruction to break out all over the City of Frank.

Frank's taken to the hospital under the influence of Thrax's attack, which doesn't bold well for Phlegmming, as this means the trip to Buffalo is canceled, and he's lost his chances for re-election, which he hears as he tries to speak for Frank when Frank passes out from the fever, and his brother Bob, who was riding as passenger in the car, decides the trip is off as Frank is too sick to go and needs to be hospitalized. More so, Shane was with Mrs. Boyd and her classmates on their school bus when they see Frank being loaded into the ambulance in critical condition while guarded by state troopers, and having had an argument the night before with Frank, blaming him for the death of her mother Maggie, Shane fears she has caused Frank to lose the will to live. Despite Mrs. Boyd calling her back to the bus, Shane goes with her Uncle Bob to the hospital to see if her father is alright. Then Ozzy and Drix rescue Leah and confront Thrax, who leaves Frank's mouth after causing Frank to sneeze using pollen pods.

Then Ozzy's launched out after him by Drix where Ozzy and Thrax fight on Shane's eye and then they end up on Shane's false eyelash after she blinks, which she was wearing atop her natural ones. During the fight, Thrax threatens to break his own record by killing Shane next, but Ozzy tricks him into getting stuck on Shane's false eyelash, and fall into a beaker of rubbing alcohol below where he dissolves to death.

During this time, the situation becomes even more dangerous when the temperature hits 108 degrees, causing Frank to get Hyperpyrexia and his heartbeat flatlines as he goes into cardiac arrest, meaning his fever was fatal. Hearing the flatline steady beep, Shane rushes back into the ER heartbroken, apologizing to Frank, taking back blaming him for Maggie's death, saying in tears that she didn't mean any of it and thought of Frank as "the greatest dad in the world".

Just as the doctors are prepared to give up and sign off on Frank's death certificate, Frank's revived when Ozzy returns to Frank on one of Shane's tears with the DNA chain containing the missing Hypothalamus chromosome, quickly reinstalling it, returning Frank's body temperature back to a safe 98.6 degrees, and resuscitating him, though Frank admits that, during his short period of being dead, he was able to see Maggie, who said "Hi", leaving a relieved smile on an overjoyed Shane's face.

Thus, Ozzy's reinstated into "Immunity" with full privileges, and Ozzy and Drix are declared heroes with the Chief of Police giving Ozzy his job back, while Ozzy plans on extending Drix's time in Frank with help from the hemorrhoid, and Leah returns his affections. Mayor Phlegmming loses his re-election because of Thrax to his opponent, Tom Colonic, in a landslide victory, and is reduced to working in the bowels, where he unintentionally gets himself farted out of Frank.

Powers and Abilities

Being a white blood cell, Ozzy's pliable and he has elasticity, he can stretch all his limbs and body and he has shape-shifting abilities. He is also very flexible as he was able to squeeze through small spaces, dodge his enemies' attack, and reposition his body parts.


  • Ozzy was disliked by everyone in the beginning, but was treated better after saving the day.
  • He and Drix are the main characters in the tv show, "Ozzy and Drix." Who's the private-eye investigator in the City of Hector (a fictionalized version of the human body of an animated Cuban-American teenager named Hector Cruz.) and he's voiced by Phil LaMarr in its spin-off TV series.
  • Ozzy's relationship with Drix's similar to Carter's relationship with Lee from the Rush Hour films.
  • Anthony Anderson, D.L. Hughley, Matthew Broderick, Alex Winter, Cuba Gooding Jr., Harry Enfield, Woody Harrelson, Chris Tucker, Chris O'Donnell, Todd Stashwick and Martin Short were considered for the role of Osmosis Jones.
  • Will Smith was interested in the role of Ozzy, but was unable to do the part due to scheduling conflicts.
  • This is Chris Rock's first time voice acting in a theatrically released animated film. Later, he would go on to voice Marty the Zebra in the Madagascar franchise and Mooseblood the Mosquito in Bee Movie (2007).
  • According to the Reliable World News website, Ozzy will return in Sony/Marvel Studios' 2021 film Spider-Man: No Way Home with Chris Rock reprising his role as him.
  • Osmoisis Jones is similar to Sam Witwicky; they both have their great-great grandfathers (Sam Witwicky's great-great grandfather discovers that Megatron, who he thinks is a robotic alien, is on the Earth North Arctic and Osmoisis Jones' great-great grandfather is a fearless brave policeman and famous explorer in history) and they both follow their foot paint to prove that everyone is the greatest discoverer and fearless brave policeman in history to follower their great great grandfather's legacy . and Simliar to Sly Cooper have Ancestors they follow his family legacy they both follow their ancestors of generations ever since and then after defeat Thrax and Clockwerk they restore their birthright they couldn't done that without their Murray and Bentley and Drix to help them on journey


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