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This piano plays me.Other Father

The Other Father is a character in the Laika film Coraline. He was created by the Beldam to help her trick Coraline into staying in the other world forever, but it is later revealed that he is actually on Coraline's side.

He is voiced by John Hodgman, and by John Linnell when singing.


The Other Father is more fun and attentive to Coraline's needs than her real father (according to Coraline).

It is hinted throughout the film that he is terrified of his creator, the Beldam, who wants him to hurt Coraline, which he does not want to do. The latter proves to be true in his final moments before he dies.


The Other Father made a song for Coraline, he plays a piano with his mechanical gloves and makes the garden. The mechanical gloves prevent the Other Father from informing Coraline about the Beldam's plans to keep Coraline in the Other World forever. Later, he gets turned into a pumpkin-like human and is barely capable of speaking, though he still attempts to aid Coraline before the Beldam sends him away. In the Fantastic Garden, when Coraline finds the Ghost Children's eyes, the Other Father is strapped atop his mechanical preying mantis-like gardening machine, and it threatens to attack Coraline with the Other Father apologizing. The machine had destroyed the bridge and falls through it into the water, the Other Father frees his hand by breaking the controlling mechanical glove, and hands Coraline the Ghost Boy's eye, and the Other Father sinks to his death, leading the rest of the garden and himself to become gray and lifeless.

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