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The Other Wybie is a major character of the 2009 Laika film Coraline. He is the alternate button-eyed version of Wybie Lovat created by the Beldam to lure Coraline Jones away from her real family after she enters the Beldam's dimension.


The Other Wybie is speechless and he becomes friends with Coraline Jones. Other Wybie wants to warn Coraline about the other world but his creator, but the Beldam forbids him from doing it under her massive threats.

Other Wybie told The Cat that the Other World is a dangerous place and the Cat had to pass it on to Coraline.

The Beldam catches him looking upset about tricking Coraline and when he refuses to smile, she stitches his mouth into a horrific grin instead. Other Wybie helps Coraline escape the room behind the mirror that the Beldam had trapped Coraline in, Coraline undoes the stitches in his mouth and he helps her to get back to the real world. Coraline tries to take Other Wybie with her, claiming that The Beldam will instead hurt him again, but he takes off his glove and his hand disintegrates into sawdust, showing Coraline that he can't survive in her world since he is only a doll. The Beldam learned that the Other Wybie has helped Coraline escape, so she kills him and leaves his remaining clothing hung up on a flag pole on top of the Other Mr. Bobinsky's rooftop, which leads to the end of Other Wybie's appearance.


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