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The Ottos are a group of Hex Wrench Reptools from the Dinotrux series.


The Ottos are so called because their individual names are all Otto; this applies to both male and female members of the group. The Ottos all speak with Swedish accents, and occasionally use Swedish words rather than English.

Individual Ottos

Wings-one of a trio of Ottos given nicknames by Ton-Ton after they helped him design a pair of wings so that he could glide; as the creator of the design, he was given the name Wings.

Numbers-another one of Ton-Ton's three Otto friends, she received her nickname due to her mathematical abilities.

The Silent Dude-the third of the Ottos who helped Ton-Ton with his wings. The Silent Dude is so called because he is not very verbose, usually only communicating in grunts; however, he is capable of producing a loud roar.

Mystic Otto-wears a gear around his neck and practices kaflurtihoodigen, trusting in what he feels rather than what he sees.


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