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Oswald "Otto" Rocket is one of the main protagonists of the series Nickelodeon series Rocket Power.


Otto is a young boy with orange, curly hair. He is always seen with his trademark shades, yellow shirt, red shorts, and white and yellow shoes.


Otto Rocket thinks very highly of himself and can be described as the opposite of his sister Reggie Rocket. Otto is very arrogant and cocky thinking his skills can equal up to those of even Tony Hawk. Otto can also get jealous and competitive when others, even Sam, start to surpass Otto will also do everything to win a contest including cheating and sabotages. These traits actually make Otto more of an Anti-Hero rather than a true one.

Even given this, Otto has shown to have a soft side and will help out his friends and family when it's needed.


Otto Rocket lives on Ocean Shores along with his father Raymundo Rocket and his sister Reggie Rocket. He is also best friends with Twister though he has shown to have good relations with Sam. Otto is argubly the troublemaker of the group earning bad scores in school and breaking the rules.

Otto is definitely the most skilled of the group where he is able to skateboard, rollerskate, and surf better than his friends. This was shown where he was able to keep up with Tony Hawk while following him though his course. Otto looks up to Tony Hawk and hopes to be a great skateboarder like him.




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