I must be the one to slay the Great General of Wei, Earl Shi of the Spear with my own hands, and take Chou You in the name of Qin!! As well everything else that comes after...I don't have the time to spare a retreat. Cheap victories from pissant battles are not enough. If I do not continue to achieve Great victories one after another...Then I will never become a Great General whose name is etched into China's History!!
~ Ou Hon's declaration.

Ou Hon (王賁) is a deuteragonist of the anime/manga series キ'ングダム/Kingdom. He is a 24-year-old General for the State of Qin and the leader of the Gyoku Hou Unit during the Warring States era of ancient B.C. China.


Born into the main branch of the wealthy and prestigious, Ou Family as the son of the current head Ou Sen, a talented general and the beautiful noblewoman, Shu Kei. His birth would be one of slight controversy as unsavory rumors calmed that he is not his father's real son. Whether these rumors are true or not is currently unknown as his mother would, unfortunately, later die during childbirth from massive blood loss. Ou Hon would later be raised in the main estate of the family and was looked after by Ban You, an old aide of the family who would teach him the arts of the military, martial arts, and strategical planning and theories. The old soldier would go on to become a close confidant and a somewhat father figure to the young noble. Around the ages of 9-10 when he first started taking up the spear, in a rare occurrence, his father Ou Sen showed and told him that the basics started from the center of his right half. Probably doing it on a whim, to Ou Hon it was of the first time he actually saw his powerful father interact and exchange words with him. It was on that day forward that Ou Hon's training truly began as he would relentlessly train even when the weather was harsh and he's palms were sore or bled.

Years later, now in his teenage years, Ou Hon would enter the Qin military as a 100-man commander. At some point during this period of time, he would meet his future rival/fellow 100-man commander Mou Ten either before or during a campaign for the lands within the State of Han....


Keeping his long hair tied in place by a gray hairband, Ou Hon wears full body armor that is quite similar to that of the other soldiers. His front armor has the design of the head of a dragon while his metal shoulder pads carry the motif of a phoenix on them.


Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Due to constant training with his spear, Ou Hon is a walking powerhouse of precision which he demonstrated as he blew away an entire battalion of infantrymen and cavalry soldiers during Qin's invasion for the State of Wei's Sanyou regions. His strength is also either a match or slightly higher than Shin's, despite the letter possessing potent strength himself. 
  • Enhanced Speed & Reflexes
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Enhanced Endurance and Durability
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Indomitable Will

Fighting Style

  • Expert Spearman: Since his childhood, Ou Hon was trained in the orthodox style of spear techniques. With these techniques, there exist countless "forms" to be used against opponents.  
  • Offense -
  • Defense -
  • Counter -
  • Destructive Power - After fighting and killing Earl Shi of the Wei Fire Dragon in combat, Ou Hon greatly improved to the point it mimics the Earl's style.
  • Intelligence
  •  Perception


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