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Hero Overview

~ His signature laughter.
Just what the hell are you?!"
"Nfufufu. Do you even need to ask? A Great General of the Heavens."''
~ To Hou Ken during the climax of their duel.
Delve into and overcome strife and carnage together with your men. You have talent, Shin.
~ Ou Ki's last words to Ri Shin.
I have lived by the sword and contributed to the building of an era. Moreover, to be able to die by the sword is just as I desired... And in my finals days, I was even able to meet a trustworthy sprout of the next era. With this, I have no regrets left... At last, I go to where my fallen friends await...
~ Ou Ki's final thoughts.

Ou Ki, more commonly known by his epithet - the Monstrous Bird of Qin (秦の怪鳥, Qin no Kaichō), was a Great General of the state of Qin the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom., a former member of the previous generation of Qin's Six Great Generals, the leader of the Ou Ki Army. He was one of the greatest military figures of his era as he achieved victories that numbered in the tens of thousands, fought numerous battles with many formidable foes like the Three Great Heavens of Zhao's Ren Pa and Rin Shou Jo, and the last member of the Six Great Generals before his death.

Initially introduced into the story as an antagonist of sorts, Ou Ki quickly became one of the series' biggest forces within the story.

In anime, he is voiced by Rikiya Koyama.


A massive and muscular man, Ou Ki had long, dark hair, a three-pronged goatee, and remarkably large red lips. He had tribal tattoos covering his right arm, multiple piercings in his left ear and numerous scars stemming from a lifetime on the battlefield. During battles, Ou Ki wore a blue set of armor distinguished by its massive shoulder guards, along with a crimson cape and his weapon of choice — a massive, decorated podao.


No matter the era, the Military men who are considered to be the strongest will always be defeated by the appearance of even more powerful individuals. An eternal struggle by men risking their lives that never come to an end. Good grief, this is exactly what makes these chaotic times so interesting.


Right, Tou?
General is... the same as a Hundred or Thousand-Man Commander, nothing more than a position, a rank. However... only a select few are able to achieve it. Only those who overcome numerous brushes with death and accomplish numerous deeds are able to arrive at that destination. A General obtains the responsibility of overseeing thousand and tens of thousands of lives and the greatest of honors. Hence a General's existence carries so much weight. Hence, a General shines to such a degree, that they are dazzling.
~ To Hou Ken and the Ou Ki Army.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities


Since his youth, Ou Ki fought with a very beautiful ruby colored podao and was immensely skilled in wielding it.

With his monstrous strength and prowess, Ou Ki was easily one of the greatest polearm wielders in the series.

In his final moments, Ou Ki passed the weapon onto Ri Shin.




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