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Unlike those who had come before, this warrior was not driven by the prize of the young maiden's hand. He fought only for righteousness, and his pure heart and courageous soul prevailed.
~ Jinn, on Ozma.

Ozma is a main character in the animated web series RWBY introduced in "The Lost Fable". An ancient warrior, he rescued Salem from her tower and the two fell in love. However, when he fell ill and died, Salem could not stand it and traveled to The Gods to bring him back. Following a large string of events, Ozma was brought to a place between realms, where he was given a choice by the God of Light before he abandoned Remnant; he would be able to return to the land of the living to act as a guide for Humanity, as well as to safeguard the Relics, powerful items that if brought together would bring the Gods back to Remnant.

By the start of RWBY, Ozma's current incarnation was Professor Ozpin, The Headmaster of Beacon Academy. Following his death at the hands of Cinder Fall, Ozma reincarnated into Oscar Pine.


In Ozma's original appearance he wore a teal and gold robe with silver armor over it with a teal and gold cape attached to the back of his chestplate, black pants and boots with leg guards over them, and had brown hair and brown eyes.

When Ozma first reincarnated, he initially wore a white tank top with tan pants with a small teal ribbon tied around his right thigh, brown boots and gloves, and his hair has also turned from brown to white. His second "False God" outfit consisted of a dark blue trench coat with a light blue shirt with symbols, white gloves, dark blue pants and shoes.

As the Hermit his skin was lighter in color and he had long gray hair and a thick gray beard. His clothes simply consisted of a pair of tattered dark brown shorts.

As the Drunkard his skin was a darker tone and he wore light gray jeans, blueish gray shoes, a green vest over a dark green shirt, bandages tied around his hands, and a white cap with a brown stripe. His face also appeared to be covered in bandages.

As the Settler Ozma had dark skin messy brown hair, a small beard, black rimed glasses, yellow eyes, a dark blue button up shirt and light gray pants.

As the Inquisitor Ozma's skin was a lighter tone. He had blue eyes, dark brown hair, and a short dark brown beard. He wore a purple vest over a gray dress shirt with a yellow tie, and dark gray dress pants with a brown belt with a gold buckle.

As the Wizard Ozma had light skin, a light green shirt with dark green vest, dark green pants with brown shoes, and a dark green hat with light green stripe.

Not much has been shown of Ozma's king form other than he had long hair and was muscular in appearance. He wore a crown and cape.

Powers and Abilities

Most known for his legendary combat prowess, Ozma was noted to be the greatest warrior of his time, besting many powerful creatures that all other warriors could not, displaying immense skill with a staff as his main weapon. He also possessed powerful magic as one of the original humans and could make use of that to release powerful blasts of green energy. He proved to be a stronger fighter than Salem, as he did kill her when they fought, but unfortunately Salem's immortality simply allows her to return and deal him wounds that ultimately killed him to defeat Ozma.

Though Ozma ended up weakening himself by giving away a huge chunk of his magic to the four Maidens; he also set stipulations to the magic he gifted them. To ensure the magic never left the world, Ozma had it migrate to women under 30 (to ensure they were young enough to adapt) when the current host dies; he also limited the magic to manifest only as the elements (to ensure another Salem didn't appear). According to himself, granting Raven and Qrow magic to shape-shift cost him very little magic in comparison.

When he dies, his soul seeks out a like-minded person to join souls with; though it's implied to normally take MANY years (as Watts and Salem were notably shocked to learn Ozma had reincarnated within 2 years). Eventually the souls fuse, rather the original soul is dominated by Ozma. By his Oscar Pine host, Ozma doesn't wish to merge fully with his host, which Oscar agrees with.


  • Ozma had his original staff until his Settler incarnation. Given the Settler creates The Long Memory, it's very likely that his staff was used as the material for its construction. Thus explaining why it was so important to him; Oscar noted that it helped calm him, suggesting its also a momento of the happier life Ozma had with Salem.
  • It seems Ozma cannot take back the magic he gifts others; it seems to fuse with the recipient's soul.
    • Despite Raven ditching his group, Ozma did not take away her shape-shifting.
    • Ozma attempted to have the remaining half of Amber's Fall Maiden powers given to Pyrrha Nikos rather than just take the magic back, to keep it from Cinder.


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