I've been in charge of the Flash Portal here on Newgrounds since...well...since we coined the name and invented the system almost a decade ago! Toot-toot! Anywho, it's my job to ensure that your browsing experience remains as pleasurable as possible, and to make sure the best submissions and authors get the exposure they deserve!
~ P-Bot's description.

The P-Bot is a heroic-robot-character from the Newgrounds Portal. 



P-Bot appears to be a huge- mostly red colored robot. The robot appears to be having two black-eyes. On-top of the robots head, P-Bot appears to be having two blue-gaggles. While on it's body, there's a yellow-colored letter P, which refers to it's name. P-Bot's hands and legs are also colored gray and yellow. First P'Bots hand appears to be a laser-shooter, while the other one is a normal-robotic hand.


P-Bot's personality consists of good taste. It has the important role of Newgrounds to filter various submissions on the site and exterminate if they don't have the quality for the site. P-Bot's main duty is to actually run the Newgrounds portal and to feature the Portal's winners on front of the Newgrounds website.

In Other-Media

Newgrounds Rumble

P-Bot became famous after appearing in the flash-online video game known as Newgrounds-Rumble. In the game, P-Bot has the goal to exterminate all the villains in the game. In the story-line of P-Bot in the game, P-Bot's ending consist of P-Bot realizing how fame isn't important at all, and that P-Bot went back into it's vigil, protecting the Newgrounds community from there.


  • P-Bot may possibly be based on the V.I.N.C.E.N.T from disney. 
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