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~ PJ Robot

PJ Robot is a major character in the second season from the Disney Junior show PJ Masks. He first appeared in the episode of "Wacky Floats" in the second season. His backstory was revealed in the episode "PJ Robot". He joined and became the newest PJ Mask member instead of being the villain's sidekick.


The PJ Robot was originally invented by Romeo as part of a plan to infiltrate HQ. Romeo intentionally made PJ Robot cute and friendly, knowing the heroes would like him and take him to HQ. However, PJ Robot began to genuinely like the PJ Masks too, and eventually doublecrossed Romeo to join them.


PJ Robot can speak but only does so very rarerly. Instead, he expresses his emotions by changing the digital face on his head. He is very friendly and energetic.


The PJ Robot is shaped like an egg, colored in white with a coral red trim design. His symbol is a combination of a blue cat paw print, green lizard tail and coral red wings, representing his affiliation with the PJ Masks. The PJ Robot has an aqua-colored digital face and wears white gloves on its hands.


  • His origins is never revealed in the episode "Wacky Floats" until the episode "PJ Robot".
  • The shape of PJ Robot's body is a reference to the character EVE from the film WALL-E.
  • His actual first appearance is "PJ Robot".
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