Hero Overview

Pacifica Casull is the main heroine and titulur character of the light novel, manga, and anime series Scrapped Princess. Born into nobility, she was prophisized by the local religion to one day bring terror and despair to the world, and thus her execution was ordered. However, she survived it and sixteen years later is traveling around, being protected by Shannon Casull and Raquel Casull, constantly avoiding capture from those who wish to harm her.  

She was voiced by Fumiko Orikasa in the Japanese version, and by Kari Wahlgren in the English version.


Pacifica is a tall woman, with long, blond hair tied in drills, black eyes, and pale skin. She wears a fancy red and yellow dress and black gloves.  


When she is first seen in the series, Pacifica is depicted as a bratty, selfish, stuck up, spoiled, intolerable child, akin to someone who had been raised as royalty, ironic becuase she never got to live the life of a royal due to being supposeldy murdered. She constantly argues loudly with her brother, Shannon Casull, and a bit more passively with her sister, Raquel Casull, and is seemingly only concerned with her own needs and nobody elses. However, we quickly learn that this is untrue. While she can have selfish tendencies, she does truly care for those around her, especially her siblings, who raised her since she was young and constantly protect her. And in addition to that, when push comes to shove she will put her neck out for them, and for other innocent people in danger, even though she really has no fighting capabilities, unlike her two siblings. She tends to be airheaded and to not think things through completely, but her heart is always in the right place.  

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