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Pak is the tritagonist and the central antagonist of The Fruitties franchise. He's Roly's and Thorny's second best friend and Kumba's third best friend.


He's one nasty, evil, jerkish giant anthropomorphic banana. He loves to pick on Roly because of his laziness, and loves to scare him to death with his scary masks. He also loves to manipulate him to drive a boat, and whenever he refuses, Pak scares him to death with scary masks and laughs. He loves to go to adventures with his friends Roly, Thorny and Kumba. He did a both plenty of heroic and villainous acts.

Heroic Acts

He, along with Thorny, saved Kumba from tigers. He, along with Roly, Thorny and Kumba, saved turtles from evil crocodiles.

He fixed the bridge when Thistle cut it down.

He gave Roly a present to make him happy.

He, along with Roly, Thorny and Kumba, rescued Artichoke from "two ghosts" who actually were duck and bird in disguise.

He sometimes foiled Monkus' evil plans about world domination.

Villainous Acts

He (like Thorny and Kumba) loves to scare Roly to death with scary masks for no actual reason, just because he loves that Roly is a coward, and loves to see him screaming and running around.

He loves to always manipulate Roly to drive a boat, and whenever Roly says that's Pak's turn now, Pak scares Roly to death with scary masks and makes that Roly starts to drive boat as fast as he can to escape from "monster".

He (like Thorny and Kumba) laughs when someone gets hurt or cries.

He threw a trashcan on Roly's head and grinned evilly.

He loves to insult Roly (mostly calling him Lazy Bug).

He tried to kill Roly several times (mostly when he was annoyed by Roly, but sometimes even for no reason).

He usually was a friend of Monkus (mostly when he was brainwashed by Monkus, but sometimes even when wasn't brainwashed, just when he got mad on his friends and wanted to get revenge on them), and helpt him in his plans to dominate the world.


  • He's more of a villain than an actual hero.
  • He's considered the worst character in entire series.
  • He's one of characters who hates Roly the most.
  • He's the most evil from the quartet.



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