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Pakku is one of the supporting characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

He is voiced by Victor Brandt.


One of the greatest Waterbenders in the world, Pakku is a Waterbending teacher from the Northern Water Tribe. In his youth, he was engaged to a woman named Kanna. Though he loved Kanna, she was put off by his arrogance and fled to the South Pole. Since then, Pakku has been bitter towards women, believing that female Waterbenders should stick with healing. Naturally, he came into conflict with Katara. While Pakku was at the higher level than Katara in waterbender, the latter "won" by unknowingly revealing that Kanna was her grandmother. Confronted with what could have been if he had not been so arrogant in his youth, Pakku changed his mind enough to give some Waterbending lessons to Katara and Aang. He's also a member of the White Lotus.



Pakku waterbends.png

Pakku was a waterbending master, among the best in the world, and the top instructor at the Northern Water Tribe. During his duel with Katara, he created very large waves of water and ice, and eventually defeated the young waterbender by trapping her in ice spikes thrown down at her from the air, guiding each perfectly to trap her without hurting her. During the Siege of the North, Pakku, empowered by the full moon, held his own against dozens of soldiers with his enhanced waterbending, creating an extremely large water spout. His skill, and the methods through which he trained his students, played a large part in helping Katara to become a waterbending master.

During the liberation of Ba Sing Se, Pakku fought many comet enhanced Fire Nation soldiers alongside Piandao by creating a large wave and quickly freezing it, allowing the swordsmaster to slide down on it and disable the soldiers. He, along with the rest of the Order of White Lotus, successfully liberated Ba Sing Se.

Other skills

He also had some considerable skill in unarmed combat, easily shattering Katara's ice disk assault with his barehanded chops. In addition, he was able to dodge most of her attacks, proving to be quite agile in combat even for his old age, and he was able to counter-attack proficiently.


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