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Pam-I-Am, more simply known as Pam, is a main character in the Green Eggs and Ham TV series.


Green Eggs and Ham

Over 20 years ago, Pam-I-Am used to make breakfast for Sam when he was young. But one day, she was forced to send him away due to enemies trying to steal him.[1] She then went to a small Robababobrian village and hid there for twenty years.[2]

In "The Mom Identity", when Sam, Guy, and E.B. return to the entrance, Sam tries to help a woman (secretly Pam) because he believes she had a briefcase-swap. Eventually, Phillip Trousers steals the Moo-Lacka-Moo and Pam is unmasked, when Sam sees this, he gapes.

In "Tinker Tailor Mother Spy", Pam saves the trio after from some Zookian goons and they hide in a barbershop, the introduce them to Sylvester. After the coast is clear, they leave to find the Moo-Lacka-Moo. Later, they go to a small Robababobrian village where Pam hid for 20 years.


  • She only appears in the Netflix series of Green Eggs and Ham.