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What have I been doing this whole time?
~ Pamela's Father

Pamela's Father is an unnamed scientist and a recurring character who appears in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and its 3DS and manga versions. 

He is a scientist who studies fairies, ghosts and other supernatural manifestations, and he is caring towards his daughter Pamela. Pamela's father was first seen when he was attacked by Gilbos and ReDeads. After that, he was transformed into a mummy who groans and only Link can save him from this curse.

Link then uses the Song of Healing to remove the Gilbo curse placed upon his body; the Gilbo is expelled from Pamela's father's body, turning the Gilbo into a Gilbo's mask.

Pamela was seen crying after her father comforts her when her father has a bad dream about the Gilbo attack. When the music starts, all of the Gilbos who haunt Pamela's father's house disappear and collapse, and Pamela decides to take air.

Link finds out that Pamela's father was transformed into a mummy and decides to free him from the Gilbo's curse with his Song of Healing thanks to his Ocarina of Time that he receives from Princess Zelda. After Pamela's father was freed from the Gilbo's curse, he has no memory of being cursed by the ReDeads and Gilbos, and he was seen comforting his daughter.

Pamela's father also appears in The Legend of Zelda: Past and Present, in which is a minor character who works as a scientist for the Hyrule Royal Family. Pamela's father was cursed by the ReDeads and turned into an undead, but Link manages to free him from the curse with his Song of Healing from his Ocarina of Time.

In the Majora's Mask ending, he was seen playing with his daughter Pamela in the end credits.



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