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Um...What you did for my father... Thank you. But... You helping us...It's a secret from my father. Your strange power...If father sees that, he'll surely want to research it. That's why... I don't really want...you to meet my father... I'm sorry to say such a thing... Once he calms down a bit, I think I'll try convincing him to quit researching in this dangerous place and to go back to town.
~ Pamela thanking Link for breaking her father's curse.

Pamela is a young but mature little girl who lives with her father at Ikana Canyon. She appears in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and it's 3DS remake.


Pamela lives with her father on the cursed grounds of Ikana Canyon inside a musical house. The house was designed to play as special tune that keeps nearby Gibdos away. But one day the water flowing from Spring Water Cave suddenly dried up, which caused the music to stop and allowed Gibdos to surround Pamela's home. Making matters worse, Pamela's father was already cursed from exploring a monster-infested well and was slowly turning into a Gibdo himself. Pamela managed to lock her father up inside their downstairs closet and promised to protect him from harm.

Eventually Link used The Song of Storms to restore the streams water flow, making the musical house play its tune which chased away the Gibdos. Pamela goes outside to see what is going on while Link sneaks inside her house and encounters her cursed father. If Link tries to approach him further, Pamela will stop him and her father before telling Link to leave and forget what he had seen there. However if Link plays The Song of Healing to lift the curse instead, Pamela will to rush towards her father in tears and embrace him, telling him that he had suffered from a bad dream. Afterwards Pamela thanks Link for helping them with his "strange powers" but mentions she would rather not want him to meet her father in case he discovers Links magical abilities and experiments on him.

During the games end credits, Pamela is seen playing with her father.


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