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Pan is a major character from the Dragon Ball franchise. She is a minor character introduced in the end of Dragon Ball Z, the deuteragonist of Dragon Ball GT, a supporting character in Dragon Ball Super and the deuteragonist of it's upcoming 2022 film sequel Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Pan was the only child of Human/Saiyan hybrid Son Gohan and the Human woman Videl, making her a quarter-blood Saiyan hybrid. Much like her grandfather Son Goku (and unlike her father and uncle Son Goten) Pan had a passion for the martial arts that was typical of a Saiyan. Even at a young age, Pan exhibited incredible potential that surpassed even that of her father's.

She regards the family of Bulma and Vegeta as a family as well and may sport a crush on Trunks. Her name derives from two traditions: Goku's family naming system, based on foods, and Videl's, based on mythological and religious tricksters. Like with Goten, Trunks and Bulla, it is unknown if she was born with a tail.

While her power level is formidable and should never be underestimated, she is also never shown to become a Super Saiyan. Akira Toriyama has said he struggled with what she would look like in that form, while fan speculation has placed Gohan's 'Mystic Saiyan' mode, which involved SSJ-like power without the physical transformation, as the cause for this. However, only a brief portion of her life is ever depicted in the series, and since her own descendants had this power, it remains possible she developed it later on.

She is voiced by Yūko Minaguchi in DBZ, DBGT, and DBS, and Shino Kakinuma in DBZ Kai in Japanese and Susan Huber as a toddler in DBZ, Elise Baughman as a toddler in DBZ Kai, Kate Bristol as a toddler in DBGT, and Jeannie Tirado as a baby in DBS in Funimation dub, Caitlynne Medrek as a toddlder, and Mariette Sluyter as a old in Blue Water dub, and Sharon Mann as a old in AB Group dub in English.

Dragon Ball Z and Super

Powerful Legacy

Pan, who was conceived by the Saiyan/Human hybrid Son Gohan and his Human wife Videl, hailed from two families made up of legendary fighters. Her father and paternal grandfather Son Goku belonged to the alien warrior race called the Saiyans and had protected Earth many times, and her maternal grandfather Mr. Satan was falsely considered the greatest martial artist in the world. While Videl was pregnant with Pan, the God of Destruction Lord Beerus threatened to destroy Earth.

The Saiyans that lived on Earth wanted to enact a ritual which would transform Goku into a "Super Saiyan God" capable of combating Beerus by passing the power of five Saiyans into another. As there was only four Saiyans available, Videl revealed her pregnancy and offered to partake in the ritual. Like they had hoped, the power of the unborn Pan and the other Saiyans passed into Goku and, although Beerus defeated him, he was able to fight the Destroyer on more equal footing as a Super Saiyan God.

Resurrection 'F' Saga

Pan was born in Age 779, a few months after Goku's battle with Lord Beerus, with her mother looking after her while her father is at work. her maternal grandfather often spends time with her and wants her to be his successor, both her father and maternal grandfather want her to be a martial artist.

One day while Mr Satan is visiting Gohan's house to see Pan. When he returns from his science conference, he changes to his Great Saiyaman person and spars with Mr. Satan, while holding Pan. Pan is amused, Chi-Chi scolds them, wanting her granddaughter Pan to grow up "lady-like". Chi-Chi, Bulma and Videl later talk about Pan's upbringing. Videl concludes that Pan should grow up the way she would want to, she doesn't mind Pan becoming a martial artist because Videl states that's how she met Gohan.

She was later babysat by Piccolo as her parents were out, she is amused by him making funny faces and peek-a-boo. He continues to play with her until her parents had returned, and Videl gently holds her.

Pan was seen crying with Videl comforting her, shortly before Frieza uses his Earth Breaker attack to destroy the entire planet, killing Pan and Videl along with most of Earth's inhabitants. Fortunately, Whis uses his Temporal Do-Over technique, allowing Goku to kill the self-proclaimed "Emperor of the Universe" with a God Kamehameha. Afterwards, Gohan returns home and wants to become stronger in order to protect his family. Pan smiles, happy to see her father again.

Champa Saga

Pan travels along with everyone to the Nameless Planet, where Beerus and Champa's Martial Arts Competition is taking place. She watches the match as a spectator on her mother's lap. Videl covered her eyes when Vegeta gave Cabba a vicious beating.

Potaufeu Saga

Goku Black Saga

Gohan invites Future Trunks to his house to meet his family. Pan greets Trunks by squirting milk at his face and does the same with Gohan and Mr. Satan, she happily flies around with Gohan (as the Great Saiyaman) playfully chasing behind her. Later on, after Mr. Satan leaves Pan with Future Trunks, the young infant becomes a handful, and playfully trashes the living room, almost pulling on Trunks' sword in a tug-of-war like a manner, until Gohan stops her. While outside, Pan was seen playing in the sand while Gohan and Trunks conversed. Pan and her family bid farewell to Future Trunks.

Pan later fell seriously ill with an incurable illness and Gohan used the Dragon Balls to cure her. She was later kidnapped and had her life threatened by Barry Kahn. She was rescued by her mother and watches as her father fights him. Pan is also present at the Universe 6 vs. Universe 7 baseball game, where she is seen sitting on Videl's lap.

End of 'Z' Saga

An older Pan appears briefly in the last few episodes of Dragon Ball Z. She is only four-years-old at the time. Since ten years have passed since the defeat of Kid Buu, it seems she was born six years after that. She is shown to be utterly devoted to three things: Her grandfather, eating and training, and at this time, she wore a miniature version of Goku's Turtle School Gi. Perhaps as a sign of maturity and perhaps as a sign of surrender to the realities of her Saiyan family, Chi-Chi no longer even tries to restrain her as she did Gohan.


Battle of the Gods

It is revealed that Videl is pregnant with Pan, Dende is the first to find out when he was healing her after Gohan accidentally shot her. Dende was about to tell the others, but Videl told him not to as she wanted it to be surprised. After a failed attempt in making Goku a Super Saiyan God and finding out they need a sixth Saiyan, Videl tells them that she can help as she is pregnant with a baby that has Saiyan blood. Everyone is happy with the news, especially Gohan. After that, Videl and Pan help Goku become a Super Saiyan God.

Resurrection F

Pan is seen briefly at the start of the movie, being babysat by Piccolo. After Gohan and Videl come home, Gohan tries to get Piccolo to hold his daughter, but he refuses.

Super Hero

Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Balls Saga

In the first saga, Pan, Goku and Trunks go into outer space to collect the Black Star Dragon Balls in order to make sure that the Earth doesn't explode. The trio gets into many adventures and even meet a miniature robot named Giru, who Pan befriends.

Baby Saga

In the second saga, Pan, Trunks and Goku land on a planet ruled by robots. There they find a machine mutant known as Baby. They think they've killed him after Goku and Trunks blast him, but unknown to them, Baby manages to survive. The trio goes back to Earth where Baby infects the entire planet, including Gohan, Videl, Chi-Chi, Goten, Trunks, Bulla, Bulma and Vegeta, the latter of whom has been transformed by Baby into his permanent host. Only Mr. Satan, Good Buu and Uub manage to escape Baby's clutches. After Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 4, Pan, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Mr. Satan and Majuub (a fusion of Good Buu and Uub) help him defeat Baby and turn Vegeta back to normal.

Super 17 Saga

In the third saga, Pan helps the Z-Fighters fight Super 17, but is ultimately defeated by the android. After Goku and Android 18 kill Super 17, the entire group attempts to summon Shenron, but Evil Shenron appears and summons the Shadow Dragons to destroy Earth.

Shadow Dragon Saga

In the final saga, Pan along with Bulma, Gohan, Videl, Goten, Trunks, Chi-Chi, Majuub and Mr. Satan help Goku and Vegeta defeat Omega Shenron. After Goku leaves with Shenron, Vegeta tells Pan to take care of Goku's clothes as they may be the only thing left to remember him by. She becomes the grandmother of Goku Jr. 100 years later.

Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

100 years later, Pan, now 114-years-old, trains her grandson, Goku Jr., into making him the strongest warrior on the galaxy just like his great-great-grandfather Goku.

Powers & Abilities

  • Ki Manipulation
    • Energy Manipulation
    • Flight: Like many ki practitioners, Pan was able to manipulate her ki to allow her to fly completely unaided. She mastered the power of flight at an exceptionally young age, as she was already capable of flying at high speeds as a baby. In fact, Pan learned how to float before she could walk. By the time she was four years old, Pan was able to fly around the circumference of the Earth in the span of a morning.
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Strength


  • Pan is the only main female character of Dragon Ball GT. Bulma, Chi-Chi, Android 18 and Videl all serve as secondary characters and Bulla and Marron serve as tertiary characters.
    • However, Android 18 was the tritagonist of the Super 17 Saga and Bulma (under Baby's control) was the secondary antagonist of the Baby Saga, while Bulma is the secondary tritagonist of the Shadow Dragons Saga.
  • Pan is one of the few female characters that Master Roshi doesn't try to flirt with, most likely because Pan is only a little girl.
  • In Future Trunks' timeline, Pan was never born because her parents never met, her father, Gohan, was killed by the Androids, and her mother, Videl, died of unknown reasons.
  • While she is 3/4th human, Pan takes after her Saiyan side.
  • Pan is the only main character (besides Goku) who is still alive by the time Dragon Ball GT's epilogue takes place.


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