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Panchy, also known as Mrs. Brief, is a minor character in the anime and manga series, Dragon Ball Z. She is the wife of Dr. Brief, the mother of Tights and Bulma, the mother-in-law of Vegeta, and the grandmother of Trunks and Bulla.

Her regular name is Bikini was an unnamed at the guidebooks, manga and anime series, it's released to similar as a Tights and Bulma's mother. At the interview, Toriyama noting by that has been released possibly her name is Panchy, whose giving as later soon in the name on Dragon Ball Super.

She was voiced by Mariko Mukai in DB, and DBZ (Seasons 1-4), Hiroko Emori in the movie, and Yōko Kawanami in DBZ Seasons 6-9, and DB Kai) in the Japanese version, and by Cynthia Cranz in Funimation dub, Jane Perry in Cell Saga, and Willow Johnson in Majin Buu saga in the Ocean Group dub, Jennifer Bain in Blue Water dub, and the late Jodi Forrest in AB Groupe dub in the English version.


Panchy is a young woman with blonde hair and flame. She has a skin, however, the eyes are blue is closed always still yet, later on, she still above to see anything clears while their here. She shown has a white earrings, upscale clothing, and red lipstick. At the first appearance, she has a blue dress and shoes.

In the Namek Saga, she has a orange shirt with a shoulder-less and blue jeans. However, Panchy has no mention with an extraordinary life extension, She debuted all at the time for touching at the age in the all debuting, during her dating for Bulma young teen at present day Trunks' agelessness. The adolescence seen to taking care bout her husband somebody true as well.

At Dragon Ball Super, her hairstyle appears at the last time of the series. She has a long purple dress, shoes, and white necklace at the first saga, after she changed into a orange shirt with a striped and blue jeans at the next sagas. The height, whose seen from the slightly shortest similar Bulma at the early series, but she elevated became an taller woman, as shown her tallest than Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Android 18 while telling them at the Bulma's birthday.


As a original, she is a beauty, caring, and despite the attractiveness, as shown to be a bit of a ditz. For sample, she don't know that how even Future Trunks is the older version of Trunks, during debuted when she learn at Super. Later on, in Dragon Ball Z Kai version on the show, she was very ditzy less at the dub, been more out of her comments and situation for the last time with based in the circumstances better than has no clue at going on here (unlike Gohan talking about his commenting then she was very serious before her daughter, Bulma going out in the Android's Saga). Basically, she possibly cause her dizzy nature, Panchy asking Krillin to sing power song after the Karaoke session in the Hanabi panic, unfortunately his singing is the best or the worst horrible outgoing, and one of the two only doing so (the person that is extremely drinking Master Roshi).


Panchy, her husband, Dr. Brief, and young Bulma meets the older daughter Tights and Jaco in Omori's Island. Despite this that said if they staying in the island, she was surprised with five-year-old Bulma has powerful fire to Ray Gun when she having invite at the water, understood like asks an awesome Omori (which everyone shocking by Bulma's display) or he having another case of the bottle beer.


  • Her First Japanese Voice Actress, Mariko Mukai, also voiced Midori Norimaki in Dr. Slump (1980).
  • Her Second Japanese Voice Actress, Hiroko Emori, also voiced Tyris Flare in Golden Axe.
  • Her Third Japanese Voice Actress, Yōko Kawanami, also voiced Cynthia in the same series, Ms. Sara Bellum in The Powerpuff Girls Z, and Midori Norimaki in Dr. Slump remakes.
  • Her First English Voice Actress, Cynthia Cranz, also voiced Chi-Chi in the same series, Mai in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, Bell-mère, and Roronoa Zoro (child in episode 2) in One Piece, Torino Kazami in Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, and Misae Nohara in Shin Chan.
  • Her Third English Voice Actress, Willow Johnson, also voiced Kikyo in Inuyasha series, Aramina in Barbie and The Three Musketeers, Lily McGuire in Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf, and Ruby Moon in Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • Her Fourth English Voice Actress, Jennifer Bain, also voiced Android 18 in the same series.
  • Her Fifth English Voice Actress, the late Jodi Forrest, also voiced Puar and Trunks (baby) in the same series, Launch in Dragon Ball the movie 2, and Jade in Beyond Good & Evil.


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