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Pandora Lee is an anthropomorphic giant panda and one of the main protagonists of the sci-fi series, Extinctioners : she naturally evolved on the planet known as Alden and enjoyed a peaceful life with her family until the Invasion Force arrived and slaughtered her village, killing her parents in front of her eyes before determining she was a "hybrid" (a superhuman being) and kidnapping her.

Pandora would endure some time in captivity where she experienced firsthand the cruelty of the human invaders, who stripped her naked and conducted horrific experiments on her in an attempt to figure out what her powers were but she held strong to her beliefs and while abhorring violence she did not falter in defending other prisoners (such as Mind-Swipe) from their oppressors and swore the Invaders would pay for their crimes.

Later Pandora would be set free and helped stage a rebellion that allowed a mass breakout from the Invaders' slave camp, this also formed the Extinctioners as a group and weakened the Invasion when Phenix was set free to lead Alden in its defense against future conflicts.

Pandora, as a hybrid, has the ability to regenerate rapidly and can also aid others in regenerating - she is also a skilled nurse and martial artist (females of her species were taught martial arts to fend off unwanted males), despite her culture not often allowing females to gain knowledge on such things Pandora's father also trained her well in the use of herbal medicine.. many of Pandora's traits stem from her strong belief that "it is better to heal than to harm".

Regardless of this Pandora is a formidable warrior if needed and after helping to defeat Xenif / Phionix she gained possession of the Star Blade, a mystic weapon that can take any shape she wills.


Pandora versus an Invasion Force jailer.

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