Pansy is one of the Pussywillow Pixies. She's very clumsy and she appeared to be a love-interest for Clumsy Smurf and sometimes she calls him by his full name. Like the other pixies, she used to think the Smurfs were monsters until the day she met him while she was hiding from the Wartmongers in a big flower.

Initially she was afraid and suspicious of him, but after she saved his life from drowning in a swamp and almost getting eaten by a big frog, she eventually warmed up to him and confessed to him that she no longer believed in the pixies' tales about Smurfs turning into hairy red-eyed monsters. At the end of the episode she was sad about Clumsy's departure and claimed she was going to miss him. After they both fell from the flowers, she gave him a kiss.


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